Multiple Real Estate Brokers: Help or Hindrance?

Some business owners assume that contacting multiple commercial real estate brokers is better than seeking the services of one agent, thinking that this increases the number of properties they visit. While this makes sense in some ways, it is often not the case, especially in Manhattan. In New York City, all commercial real estate brokers source their listings from one property database, so multiple brokers will often show the same spaces to the same prospective tenant. Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate Landlords, leasing agents and property managers all source their listings from an online database exclusively accessible to professionals in the commercial real estate community. This listing service displays at least 99 percent of New York City commercial listings. Since… Continue reading

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Moving Offices in Manhattan

A Manhattan office relocation can be a tricky and often overwhelming experience. There are so many moving pieces to a business relocation that in order to be up and running in your new space on time, careful planning months ahead of time is crucial. If you’re planning a Manhattan office relocation in the next six months, here is a checklist of important, but often overlooked, must-do tasks. 60 – 90 Days Until “The Move” Assign an internal project manager to oversee the entire move. Make sure your project manager has the time and energy to devote to this demanding project. Set up a weekly meeting with all parties involved for status updates. Find out from your commercial real estate broker the voice,… Continue reading

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Real Estate Incentive Programs

New York City offers various Real Estate Incentive Programs (REIPs) to bolster business activity in select neighborhoods. These NYC Real Estate Incentive Programs substantially reduce the cost of commercial real estate acquisitions in Lower Manhattan, Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. It takes an experienced broker to find ideal spaces for your business within designated abatement zones and to determine if your business will qualify. Metro Manhattan Office Space brokers are highly experienced in helping clients benefit from NYC Real Estate Incentive Programs to ensure you’re not letting cost-saving opportunities slip through your fingers. Not only will we help you find the right property, we’ll also help you understand how an  applicable incentive program will benefit the economics of your… Continue reading

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