Office space installations are generally provided by landlords

Getting the Build Out You Want When you rent a new location for your existing business or start-up, getting your space built out exactly as you want it is key. If you are an accounting firm that needs 8 offices and a conference room, you will not feel comfortable in an open plan. If you are a technology start-up looking to create a collaborative work environment with an open layout, you are not happy in an office intensive space. The good news is that landlords will often modify a space so it meets a new tenant’s architectural specifications. They will hire a general contractor, manage construction and, to varying degrees, pay for build-out costs. So, as a tenant, don’t assume… Continue reading

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Millions of Square Feet of modern New York City office rentals will get delivered to the real estate market in the next few years. Soon enough, tenants will have the choice of relocating to the state of the art buildings well suited to their 21st century needs. Indeed, throughout the Manhattan skyline, there are gleaming office towers under development. New York City has not seen this level of commercial construction since the late 1990s. Betting that there will be strong demand for modern office space to lease, developers are willing to take the risk. Their projects are massive: many will be larger than the Empire State Building! And by 2019 over fourteen million Square Feet of new Manhattan office space… Continue reading

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People who are in the market for a new commercial space for their business, be it a retail enterprise, a medical practice, a fashion showroom, a loft style studio or a traditional office space always have the choice of working with either leasing agents of individual buildings or independent real estate brokers. The only advantage of working directly with the individual leasing agent of a particular building is that the agent has an intimate knowledge of both the landlord and the characteristics of that building. The advantage of working with the independent broker is multi-fold and is as follows…. 1) The broker is quite capable of learning about all the relevant characteristics of any commercial building and explaining in detail… Continue reading

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Over the last five years, backed by the mega-billion private equity investment industry, “tech” firms have swarmed into what was a relatively quiet and benign district of the city, Chelsea, and to some extent, its immediate neighbor, Flatiron. This section of the city, rich in boutique and loft-style buildings, is a perfect marriage for all the “up and comers” infiltrating the tech industry. And it is not only the buildings, themselves, that present such an attraction to these twenty to forty-year-old “techies”; the commercial spaces within these structures totally lend themselves to the mood and concept of this breakout industry. To be more specific, the typical space found in this market is a combination of high exposed ceilings, wood or… Continue reading

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