Manhattan Office Space Listings: Call a Broker or Search Online?

Manhattan Office Space Listings: Call a Broker or Search Online?

How to Research Manhattan Office Space Listings

There are thousands of vacant Manhattan office space listings on the rental market at this very moment. So you would think it easy to find a space that fits your firm’s real estate needs.  But the reality is different.

Where do you start when there are hundreds of major commercial office and loft buildings to choose from, 3 business districts, more than 20 neighborhoods and prices ranging from $30.00 to $140.00 per Square Foot?  Do you schedule property tours of Class A avenue buildings or of side street loft buildings? How do you ensure you are inspecting the best spaces in the right buildings?

New York City Commercial Real Estate Web Sites

You can try your luck with New York City commercial real estate web sites.  Craigslist, Property Shark, Mr Office Space allow you to browse their online databases of Manhattan office space listings and can provide you with a view of what is available on the real estate market.

But, while these online real estate directories are useful, they may not show the most up to date listings or provide sufficiently detailed information about the space for you to evaluate the property. Their online listings may not indicate enough detailed information about the property to determine if you should inspect it.

Viewing Manhattan Office Space Listings with Leasing Agents

With the advent of online office space databases, consumers have almost the same access to listing data as a licensed New York State real estate broker.

However, you do not have the expertise to interpret that data.  Only an expert who is immersed in New York City commercial real estate can make sense of this data. So it is to your benefit you use the resources and knowledge of a commercial real estate broker to help you find the best space and to negotiate the most favorable lease.