Like death and taxes, there are certain expenses that can’t be avoided. For instance,  if you you have a New York City office space rental, your commercial lease is going to have an escalation clause and your rent will increase every year. There is no getting around that. To understand why this is inevitable, place yourself, for a moment, in a landlord’s shoes. Because the cost of building services, personnel, energy and building maintenance go up every year at a pace that matches or exceeds inflation, a landlord’s only option is to recoup increased costs by adjusting rents. How Much More Per Year? Landlords will figure out the amount of the increase in different ways. –Fixed annual percentage increase (most common)… Continue reading

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You can lease Class A, Class B or Class C office space in New York City

Commercial buildings in Manhattan are informally classified according to a class rating system that looks at the quality and amount of amenities offered. These standards determine the desirability and price of a rental or leased space, hence Class A, B or C. Let’s talk about the core differences between a Class A, Class B and Class C buildings. These differences will help you decide what you want, need and can afford. Now understand, this is New York City commercial real estate. Don’t expect this to be easy or clear-cut as with everything here, there are exceptions to every rule. But if you put yourself in the hands of Metro Manhattan Office Space we can show you the ropes and scope… Continue reading

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The new fashion on Seventh Avenue has nothing to do with hem lengths or next year’s colors. Surprisingly, Fashion Avenue, also known as the Garment Center, is the new hot spot for affordable office space with all the amenities and style one could ask for at down-to-earth prices. Case in point, the structural engineering firm Rosenwasser/ Grossman Consulting Engineers P.C. (RGCE), has just signed a 7-year lease for 6,000 sq. ft. of new executive offices at 485 Seventh Avenue, said Alan Rosinsky, of Metro Manhattan Office Space, Inc. (212-447-5403).  This 60-year old highly rated engineering firm that designs reinforced concrete towers in New York City, will be moving to their new Garment Center home by late December after renovations have… Continue reading

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Renting Office Space As A Start-Up Business

Few commercial real estate markets in the world rival that of New York City, where locating and leasing the right office space is paramount for a start-up business in NYC. From the Upper East Side to Battery Park, start-up entrepreneurs will find that there is intense, fast-moving competition for desirable Manhattan office space for rent. Of course, the ideal office space for a web-based start-up is vastly different than the ideal location for a financial services provider. Tech start-ups often prefer office spaces with open floor plans, high ceilings, and concrete or wooden floors, properties more commonly found in SoHo, Tribeca, Chelsea, Union Square, the Flatiron District and the Garment District. Meanwhile, business owners in more conservative industries such as… Continue reading

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Private: Hudson Yards – Next NYC Art Gallery District?

First there was SoHo. Then followed Chelsea, and the Lower East Side. Aspiring artists have always had a home throughout Manhattan, and now it seems the emerging Hudson Square neighborhood is being positioned as an art gallery district. Development projects in Hudson Square may eventually earn the neighborhood the nickname “Chelsea North.” This neighborhood covers the area west of Eighth Avenue from 28th Street to 43rd Street. For years it has boasted parking lots, low-rise buildings and parking garages, but recent developments such as Hudson Yards aim to deliver an influx of enormous commercial office buildings and residential structures scheduled for completion by 2020. Additionally, the No. 7 subway line will be extended to 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue in 2014, and… Continue reading

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