Real Estate Incentive Programs

New York City offers various Real Estate Incentive Programs (REIPs) to bolster business activity in select neighborhoods. These NYC Real Estate Incentive Programs substantially reduce the cost of commercial real estate acquisitions in Lower Manhattan, Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. It takes an experienced broker to find ideal spaces for your business within designated abatement zones and to determine if your business will qualify. Metro Manhattan Office Space brokers are highly experienced in helping clients benefit from NYC Real Estate Incentive Programs to ensure you’re not letting cost-saving opportunities slip through your fingers. Not only will we help you find the right property, we’ll also help you understand how an applicable incentive program will benefit the economics of your… Continue reading

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NYC Office Space Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Whether yours is a short- or long-term lease, the benefits of reducing energy use in your NYC office space are significant. If you haven’t yet signed or renewed a lease, it is important to arm yourself with information. Contact a professional real estate rental broker in New York City for energy-saving advice before you sign a commercial lease. Here are just a few helpful cost-saving tips for NYC office space tenants to save money on their utility bills. Find Newly Constructed or Retrofitted LEED Office Space It’s no secret that the majority of NYC office space building stock is old. A vast number of buildings in Manhattan were built before “green” even became a buzzword for sustainability. Given that, it’s also no… Continue reading

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