How to Research Manhattan Office Space Listings There are thousands of vacant Manhattan office space listings on the rental market at this very moment. So you would think it easy to find a space that fits your firm’s real estate needs.  But the reality is different. Where do you start when there are hundreds of major commercial office and loft buildings to choose from, 3 business districts, more than 20 neighborhoods and prices ranging from $30.00 to $140.00 per Square Foot?  Do you schedule property tours of Class A avenue buildings or of side street loft buildings? How do you ensure you are inspecting the best spaces in the right buildings? New York City Commercial Real Estate Web Sites You… Continue reading

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The commercial real estate market in New York City moves at the same pace as New Yorkers—VERY FAST! This is the largest commercial real estate market in the country with hundreds of properties changing hands every day. Offers get submitted, leases and sale contracts get issued and deals are consummated. In a complex market that’s moving at this speed, it’s impossible to maintain a high level of accuracy in online databases…. But the plot thickens. Remember, this is New York… Enter online databases… Sorry, they’re not available to YOU! Just as the world of the residential real estate has Multiple Listing Services (MLS), so does the commercial real estate market.  These commercial property databases provide realtors with up-to-date information on… Continue reading

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