Manhattan Office Space Search

Help from a Savvy Manhattan Commercial Realtor

The New York City commercial real estate market consists of thousands of buildings owned by hundreds of landlords. The perfect space for your business is out there. The challenge is finding it. Rather than venture out on your own, employ the services of an experienced commercial real estate broker who understands the market, has built relationships with landlords and leasing agents, and can identify properties that fit your needs.

Metro Manhattan Office Space has helped business owners find homes in all corners of New York City. Every business is different, with different requirements concerning budget, location, amenities and countless other factors. In order to accommodate your needs, we approach every commercial property search as a process, one that begins with clearly defining your business’ day-to-day office space needs, and ends only when you’ve signed a lease and taken possession of your new space. We help in your search for commercial rental property by:


Our search begins by gaining a thorough understanding of your organization and operation. During this consultation we identify key factors such as budget; preferred neighborhoods; desired office space size; architectural preferences; telecommunication needs and other structural requirements.


Our brokers devote countless hours to identify available office spaces in the Manhattan market that meet your needs. Included in our research is an in-depth look at potential NYC commercial real estate properties; thorough monitoring of commercial office space databases; and direct calls to landlords, leasing agents and managing agents. When our search results reveal a property that fits your specifications, we contact you within hours to better your chances of beating the competition.


We do the leg work for our customers and exclusive clients. Metro Manhattan Office Space schedules tours; escorts clients on property inspections; answers questions about particulars; compiles property details such as rent, size, energy costs, supplemental monthly charges, floor plans and lease terms; and presents written reports and summaries. Our goal is to make your search as convenient and seamless for you as possible.

Once you have identified a location that suits your organization’s needs, Metro Manhattan Office Space continues to work on your behalf until you’re comfortably situated in your new home. We help navigate the complexities of drafting a compelling offer, responding to counter-offers, and ensuring that you receive lease terms that are most conducive to helping your business succeed.

Overwhelmed by your search for commercial office space in Manhattan? Follow the guidance of principal broker Alan Rosinsky at Metro Manhattan Office Space. Call Alan at 212-447-5403.