New York City (NYC) Commercial Real Estate: Office Space Search & Lease Process

New York City (NYC) Commercial Real Estate: Office Space Search & Lease Process

Commercial Real Estate Search & Transaction Process

Acquisition Procedure: 4 Easy Steps

Step 1.: Analysis of your office space, showroom, office loft or retail/store requirement
Your Priorities
Your Budget
Your Agenda

Step 2.: Selection of office space, showroom, office loft, retail/store that meets your specific needs
Listing research and survey reports
Your Budget
Property Selection
Site Tours
Site Review (lay-out, electrical, telecommunications, HVAC systems, security, lobby, common areas)
Financial Projections

Step 3.: Negotiation of superior rental, sublet or purchase terms
Base Rent
Construction Performed by Landlord on Behalf of Tenant
Escalations (CPI, Annual Percentage, Porter’s Wage), “Bumps”
Energy & Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
Lease Renewal Options
Purchase Price (commercial cooperatives, condos, retail stores and buildings)

Step 4.: We assist you with construction and move in process
Architectural Design
Cost Estimating
Construction Management
Telecommunication & Computer Network
Move in Planning

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Commercial Real Estate Acquisition:direct lease, sublease,shared space, purchase




Tenant leases offices directly from landlord and maintains control and responsibility for the premises.


  • Direct relationship with landlord
  • Lower cost space than office suites
  • Office space can be custom built if tenant signs long term lease



Tenant rents space from the tenant who has a direct lease from the landlord.


  • Tends to cost less than direct lease
  • Duration is variable (as short a term as one year)
  • Occupancy is faster
  • Furniture and phone systems can be supplied



Allows tenant to rent a single office or multiple offices. Provides shared conference and reception areas as well as administrative services.


  • Direct relationship with landlord Extremely flexible lease terms
  • (from one month to a year)
  • Amenities of larger office space
  • (receptionist, copy room, mail services, conference room as well as word processing)



Commercial co-ops, condominium or building is bought for business usage.


  • Potential appreciation
  • Long term stability
  • Complete control of premises
  • Tax benefits

Our Expertise

  • We give you immediate access to all direct space, sublet space, commercial co-ops or condominiums, free standing buildings and executive office suites in New York City.
  • We locate any space you seek.
  • We help you organize your thoughts and expectations into a highly practical group of alternatives within your budget and time table.
  • We save you time and money

For further information, call Alan Rosinsky at 212-444-2241 or e-mail

Find your next office with Metro Manhattan!

Alan set us up in a much better space for less than we had been paying.

By far my most pleasant experience with a broker in searching for an office space. Alan listened to our requirements without judgement, and found us what we needed, where we needed it, and at the price point we wanted. Very responsive to emails and quick turnaround time on all matters. Would give more stars if I could!

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Robert Certilman

It is been such a pleasure dealing with Alan from Metro Manhattan Office Space. He is upfront and honest and tries to find the right space to fit our needs. He was very successful in placing us in a building in New York City that was within our budget.

Thank you Alan and staff for your dedication to the success of my business

Andrew DiSimone

Love this guy! Called him on a Friday, from the train going home. He answered to phone himself and we spoke for over 30 minutes! That’s Great Customer Service! It took only two meetings with him to find a great new space. I was highly impressed with his knowledge, insight to my market.
Highly recommend him!