Transaction Process

New York City (NYC) Commercial Real Estate: Office Space Search & Lease Process

Commercial Real Estate Search & Transaction Process

Acquisition Procedure: 4 Easy Steps

Step 1.: Analysis of your office space, showroom, office loft or retail/store requirement
Your Priorities
Your Budget
Your Agenda

Step 2.: Selection of office space, showroom, office loft, retail/store that meets your specific needs
Listing research and survey reports
Your Budget
Property Selection
Site Tours
Site Review (lay-out, electrical, telecommunications, HVAC systems, security, lobby, common areas)
Financial Projections

Step 3.: Negotiation of superior rental, sublet or purchase terms
Base Rent
Construction Performed by Landlord on Behalf of Tenant
Escalations (CPI, Annual Percentage, Porter’s Wage), “Bumps”
Energy & Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
Lease Renewal Options
Purchase Price (commercial cooperatives, condos, retail stores and buildings)

Step 4.: We assist you with construction and move in process
Architectural Design
Cost Estimating
Construction Management
Telecommunication & Computer Network
Move in Planning

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Commercial Real Estate Acquisition:direct lease, sublease,shared space, purchase




Tenant leases offices directly from landlord and maintains control and responsibility for the premises.


  • Direct relationship with landlord
  • Lower cost space than office suites
  • Office space can be custom built if tenant signs long term lease



Tenant rents space from the tenant who has a direct lease from the landlord.


  • Tends to cost less than direct lease
  • Duration is variable (as short a term as one year)
  • Occupancy is faster
  • Furniture and phone systems can be supplied



Allows tenant to rent a single office or multiple offices. Provides shared conference and reception areas as well as administrative services.


  • Direct relationship with landlord Extremely flexible lease terms
  • (from one month to a year)
  • Amenities of larger office space
  • (receptionist, copy room, mail services, conference room as well as word processing)



Commercial co-ops, condominium or building is bought for business usage.


  • Potential appreciation
  • Long term stability
  • Complete control of premises
  • Tax benefits

Our Expertise

  • We give you immediate access to all direct space, sublet space, commercial co-ops or condominiums, free standing buildings and executive office suites in New York City.
  • We locate any space you seek.
  • We help you organize your thoughts and expectations into a highly practical group of alternatives within your budget and time table.
  • We save you time and money

For further information, call Alan Rosinsky at 212-447-5403 or e-mail

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