About Metro Manhattan

Founded in 2004, Metro Manhattan Office Space is a New York City based commercial real estate brokerage firm. We have completed many hundreds of leases in Midtown, Downtown and Midtown South. We understand the requirements of our clients and provide key insights at every stage of the process of finding office space in New York City. You will benefit from our industry experience, ability to negotiate the best terms on your behalf, our established relationships with leasing agents, managing agents, landlords, and contractors – this is the value we bring to the table.

Our core customers are tech firms, financial services, law firms, healthcare/medical facilities, marketing, advertising, and PR agencies.

In your search for office space in New York City, it is important to realize that commercial real estate has inherent complexity and opaqueness that makes spaces difficult and unintuitive to compare. The knowledge and experience of the real estate professional and brokerage firm representing you is key to a successful acquisition. Each tenant has a very particular set of needs. Some may require an extensive and customized “buildout”. Some may need 24/7 access and a high level of lobby security. Some may be focused on getting the utmost in amenities in a Class A building. Others yet, may want to lease in a building that offers opportunities for future expansion. Our clients operate in a diverse range of unique scenarios and that makes each case unique.

Our comprehensive understanding of the available commercial real estate listings helps us bring a high level of service to our clients. This is especially critical for larger office space acquisitions where inexperience can lead to increased costs and delays. Finding representation you can feel confident about can be difficult and going from broker to broker uses up valuable corporate resources. If this has been your experience, let us help. We do our utmost to cover every scenario and provide value that goes substantially beyond simply brokering a real estate transaction.

Why choose Metro Manhattan?

  • Over 15 years of commercial real estate experience in Manhattan
  • Representing tenants and serving their interests first
  • Meeting the tightest moving and lease expiration deadlines
  • Finding challenging spaces such as medical and foreign government representation
  • Fast and dedicated service, working around busy schedules
  • Assisting with difficult New York City lease negotiations
  • Recommending quality contractors and attorneys

Common tenant scenarios:

  1. Startups looking for their first office space rental
  2. Companies that have outgrown their co-working space
  3. Business tenants in the market for expansion space
  4. Commercial tenants with upcoming lease expirations
  5. Businesses seeking a quality sub-tenant for their excess space

Our expertise:

  1. We have the resources to research listings in virtually every building in New York City
  2. Scheduled listing inspections and escorts on property tours while we provide details about rental rates, energy costs, lease escalation, additional monthly charges and building amenities
  3. Continuous monitoring of the real estate market until your lease is signed or purchase agreement is executed
  4. Assistance in designing floor plans while performing full evaluations of potential space
  5. Extensive experience reviewing commercial leases and pointing out areas of concern that should be addressed to ensure your protection
  6. Placement of our extraordinary database at your disposal, giving you access to qualified real estate attorneys, movers, contractors, telecommunications companies and cleaning services
Metro Manhattan

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New York, NY 10022

Office: (212) 444-2241

Mobile: (917) 292-9171

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