No matter if you’re a startup new to the New York City commercial real estate scene, looking for a sublet, or a seasoned professional scouting for the next big opportunity, Manhattan’s neighborhoods offer a kaleidoscope of experiences that are as diverse as they are dynamic. From the towering skyscrapers of Midtown, whispering tales of commerce and ambition, to the artistic alleys of Downtown, where history and modernity dance in the streets, this path through Manhattan’s major submarkets is an invitation to discover the very essence of the city. Let’s look at what you should know before diving headfirst into searching for New York City office space.

Midtown Manhattan: The Business Epicenter

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Skyline of Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The image shows the skyline of Midtown Manhattan, New York City, with the Empire State Building prominently featured.
Map of Midtown Manhattan one of the three major commercial real estate markets of New York City.

Midtown Manhattan is a towering testament to ambition and dreams realized. As the commerce center of the city, streets thrum with the energy of endless possibility, and every corner tells a story of aspiration and achievement.

  • Major Landlords: SL Green Realty, Vornado Realty Trust, and the Related Companies are some of the best-known landlords in the neighborhood.
  • Major Office Buildings: Midtown’s known for buildings like The Empire State Building and Chrysler Building. Nearby, One Vanderbilt merges sleek modernity with the pulse of the city, offering a glimpse into the future. Yet, there are also plenty of more accessible Class B and C spaces.
  • Transportation Hubs: Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station are the city’s transit hubs, channels through which the lifeblood of the city flows
  • Industries: Midtown’s known as a commerce center, where finance, law, tech, and media converge. It’s a place where ideas are born, where today’s startups stand shoulder to shoulder with century-old firms, each contributing to the dynamic of Midtown.
  • Major Tenants: The presence of powerhouses like NBCUniversal, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley speaks to Midtown’s role as a global commercial powerhouse. Here, the next groundbreaking deal, the next media sensation, and the next financial breakthrough are always just around the corner.
  • Parks & Public Spaces: Amid the hustle and bustle, Bryant Park and Rockefeller Plaza offer sanctuaries of green and tranquility, where the city’s rhythm slows down just enough to appreciate the moment.
  • Price Ranges for Office Space:

Midtown Neighborhoods

Fifth Avenue street sign, epitome of prestige in NYC's Madison/Fifth office submarket.

5th Avenue/Madison Avenue

Essentially the highest-priced office submarket in Midtown Manhattan, Madison/Fifth commands respect…

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Prime Midtown Manhattan office space in the vibrant Sixth Ave/Rockefeller Center submarket.

6th Avenue/Rockefeller Center

As the iconic site of one of the most popular Christmas sights in the U.S., the Rockefeller Center and it…

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Bryant Park skyline, prime NYC office space for lease in the heart of Midtown Manhattan

Bryant Park

Located at the core of Midtown Manhattan, the market’s largest of three major subdivisions, the Br…

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NYC Skyline at Columbus Circle: Ideal Location for Office Space Search.

Columbus Circle

The geographical center of New York City and the point from which official highway distances from th…

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Midtown East, prime commercial real estate in Midtown Manhattan.

East Side

The Midtown East area bordered by 59th and 42nd streets, Fifth Avenue and the East River is the core reta…

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7th and Fashion Ave signs in Garment District, prime office space for rent in NYC's fashion hub.

Garment District

The Garment District in Midtown Manhattan is famous for being one of the biggest centers for fa…

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Grand Central Station, pivotal commercial hub in Midtown Manhattan.

Grand Central

As the transportation node ensuring mobility to all residents and workers in the area, Grand Central is o…

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Hudson Yards skyline, iconic Midtown Manhattan development.

Hudson Yards

The largest private development in the U.S., the Hudson Yards mega-project is only half-complete, yet it …

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Midtown East

The Midtown East area bordered by 59th and 42nd streets, Fifth Avenue and the East River is the core reta…

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Murray Hill streetscape, blend of historic brownstones and modern skyscrapers.

Murray Hill

Consisting mostly of residential buildings due to longstanding zoning regulations, Murray Hill is a neigh…

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NY's Park Avenue buzzes with taxis, signaling Plaza District's revival.

Park Avenue

Park Avenue is one of the most expensive streets in the world and a veritable Mecca for international cor…

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34th Street Subway Station: A Glimpse into Penn Station's NYC Transit Network

Penn Station

The Garment District in Midtown Manhattan is famous for being one of the biggest centers for fa…

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Central Park Pond in NYC, serene oasis amidst the bustling Manhattan office landscape.

Plaza District

The Plaza District in Midtown Manhattan has, over the years, become synonymous with prestige, l…

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Times Square/West Side district, iconic NYC commercial real estate hub.

Times Square

Many associate the Times Square/West Side district of Midtown Manhattan with tourism, entertain…

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United Nations district skyline, global hub near iconic landmarks.

United Nations

The area housing the United Nations global headquarters was once a center for shipbuilding and the home o…

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West side skyline, prime NYC commercial real estate.

West Side

Many associate the Times Square/West Side district of Midtown Manhattan with tourism, entertain…

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Midtown South: The Creative Core

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A wide angle view of the Flatiron Building and surrounding buildings in Midtown South, Manhattan.
Map of the Midtown South major commercial real estate market located in Manhattan, New York City.

Midtown South is where creativity meets commerce. characterized by its vibrant atmosphere and historic buildings converted into modern workspaces.

  • Major Landlords: Jamestown Properties and Thor Equities lead the pack with innovative and flexible office solutions.
  • Major Office Buildings: Midtown South offers a range of options, from sought-after Class A spaces in trendy locations to more economical Class B and C buildings. The Flatiron Building, with its unique architecture, and the Google Building at 111 Eighth Avenue, a tech hub, are highlights.
  • Transportation Hubs: Accessibility is key, with Penn Station nearby and multiple subway lines crisscrossing the area.
  • Industries: This neighborhood is a haven for tech startups, creative agencies, and fashion houses.
  • Major Tenants: Tech giants like Google and Facebook have set up shop here, blending with fashion icons and innovative startups.
  • Parks & Public Spaces: Madison Square Park and Union Square are vital and peaceful gathering spots for community events, markets, and art installations.
  • Price Ranges for Office Space:

Midtown South Neighborhoods

High Line Park, NYC: Amidst Safety Concerns, Exploring Office Space Options


The second-largest office submarket by inventory in Midtown South, Chelsea is one of the more up-and…

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Flatiron and Chelsea: NYC's trendy office districts near 5th Avenue


The Flatiron District takes its name from one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. The wedge-like …

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New York City Madison Square Park in winter with view of skyscrapers.

Gramercy Park

Manhattan’s posh Gramercy Park neighborhood, which comprises the area surrounding Gramercy Park, is one…

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Washington Square Park, prime office space in Greenwich Village, a hub for creative industries.

Greenwich Village

Although likely one of the smallest Midtown South submarkets by volume, Greenwich Village is a …

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Herald Square watchtower, prime office space in the heart of NYC's Midtown commercial district.

Herald Square

A popular lunchtime meeting point for Midtown South workers, as well as for shoppers and tourists visitin…

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Tribeca streetscape, prime NYC office space. Trendsetting district with artistic allure.

Hudson Square/Tribeca

The neighborhood’s name stands for ‘Triangle Below Canal Street’ and is widely regarded as the area…

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High Line view of W 15th Street, Meatpacking District. Prime office space in posh Manhattan.

Meatpacking District

The Meatpacking District, bordered by Chelsea to the north and Greenwich Village to t…

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Soho's ornate Cast Iron facades, defining charm in NYC's commercial district.


The SoHo district of Midtown South has gone through various incarnations over the decades. It s…

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Park Ave South & 17th East St signs, prime office space guide in NYC's commercial heart.

Park Avenue/Madison Square

Essentially the highest-priced office submarket in Midtown Manhattan, Madison/Fifth commands respect…

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Union Square's vibrant intersection, prime NYC office space. Energetic hub in Midtown South.

Union Square

Named for its position as a meeting point between a large number of roadways, Union Square in Midtown Sou…

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Downtown Manhattan: The Financial Heartbeat

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Aerial view of Lower Manhattan at sunset, with the iconic skyscrapers of the Financial District and the World Trade Center lit up against the sky.
Map showing the location Downtown Manhattan, New York City.

Downtown Manhattan may be known as the historic core of the financial industry. However, today, it’s expanding well beyond, offering a unique blend of old-world charm, modern dynamism, and comparably affordable office space.

  • Major Landlords: Brookfield Property Partners and Silverstein Properties are significant players in this area.
  • Major Office Buildings: One World Trade Center, a symbol of resilience, and the storied New York Stock Exchange building anchor this financial hub.
  • Transportation Hubs: The PATH train, ferries, and a network of subway lines guarantee easy access and efficient commute times.
  • Industries: Primarily known for finance and banking, it’s also growing in tech and creative sectors.
  • Major Tenants: Titans of finance like Goldman Sachs and American Express are here, alongside tech upstarts.
  • Parks & Public Spaces: Battery Park and the Hudson River Park provide scenic views and a breath of fresh air for busy professionals.
  • Price Ranges for Office Space:

Downtown Manhattan Neighborhoods

Exploring vibrant Chinatown streets, prime location for NYC office space leasing.


The area bordered by Little Italy to the north, Civic Center to the south, the Lower East Side …

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City Hall/Insurance District: Iconic courthouse in Lower Manhattan

City Hall/Insurance

Home to the offices of city, state, and federal government, the City Hall/Insurance District benefits fro…

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Civic Center's neoclassical elegance, prime NYC office space for lease.

Civic Center

Built over the troubled site formerly known as the Five Points, Downtown Manhattan’s Civic Center …

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Wall Street skyline close-up, diverse skyscrapers in NYC's Financial District.

Financial District

The symbol of Manhattan’s image as the foremost financial center in the world, the city’s Financial D…

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One World Trade Center: Premier office hub in Downtown Manhattan.

WTC/World Financial

Following more than a decade of redevelopment and rebuilding, the World Trade Center submarket of Do…

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Uptown: A Cultural Bonanza

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Bow Bridge and San Remo at Autumn in Central Park, Uptown Manhattan
Map of Uptown Manhattan: Upper East, Upper West Side & Harlem.

Uptown Manhattan, encompassing vibrant neighborhoods like Harlem and Washington Heights, is a rich mosaic of culture, history, and community.

  • Major Landlords: Less dominated by major real estate firms, this area features a mix of local and smaller-scale landlords.
  • Major Office Buildings: While more residential, there are notable commercial spaces tailored to nonprofits, healthcare, and small businesses.
  • Transportation Hubs: The A, C, 1, and D subway lines, along with several bus routes, make Uptown easily accessible.
  • Industries: Education, healthcare, and the arts are prominent, reflecting the area’s diverse cultural heritage.
  • Major Tenants: Columbia University and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital are among the key institutions that call Uptown home.
  • Parks & Public Spaces: The vast Central Park, Riverside Park, and Fort Tryon Park offer Uptown residents and workers some of the best urban green spaces in the entire city.
  • Price Ranges for Office Space:

Uptown Manhattan Neighborhoods

rime commercial real estate in vibrant Harlem neighborhood.


The Uptown Manhattan neighborhood of Harlem is located just north of Central Park, bordered by …

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Park Avenue, Upper East Side, prime office space for lease in prestigious Uptown Manhattan.

Upper East Side

Originally known as the Silk Stocking District, the prestigious Upper East Side neighborhood is a posh, m…

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Autumn in Central Park, Upper West Side. Prime office space in affluent Uptown Manhattan.

Upper West Side

The upscale Upper West Side neighborhood is bordered by the Hudson River on the west, Central Park to the…

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