Loft Space for Lease and Rent in Manhattan and NYC

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Loft Space for Rent and Lease in Manhattan and NYC

Find the perfect Loft Space for Rent in NYC with Metro Manhattan! Commercial loft space is available for rent and lease inside older repurposed and retrofitted buildings, giving loft space a highly unique and desirable aesthetic. The “loft look” has become so popular, that companies have started to turn traditional office space with high ceilings into spaces that look like lofts. Loft Office space can be found in the Garment District, Chelsea, SoHo, Tribeca and Union Square.

For over 17 years, Metro Manhattan Office Space has successfully negotiated many hundreds of leases for office space in New York City. Make use of our knowledge of the available listings, landlords and buildings, and take advantage of record low square footage costs in 2021 by securing a highly favorable long-term lease to reduce your business’s long-term real estate costs. Browse our listings or call us for access to thousands of properties not currently listed on our site: (212) 444-2241

Where Can You Find Loft Space for Rent in NYC?

Loft office space in Manhattan can be found as far east as Alphabet City to as far west as Tribeca, SoHo, Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District. They’re also found in the Financial and Flatiron districts, scattered along the West Side Highway to Chelsea, Hudson Street and around to Madison Square. Very desirable spaces can be found in Midtown West or the Garment District area where some of the most affordable lofts are located.

What is Loft Office Space?

Loft Office Space is a type of commercial space that has been converted for office use from an older industrial-use building, such as a factory, as well as any newly-built space that has been artificially designed to look like a loft space. Loft Spaces are generally large and open and often feature open ceilings, brick or concrete walls, exposed pipework, large windows, antique-style lighting fixtures, unique looking staircases and other visually interesting features.

Loft Space is popular within the residential real estate market as well, where it’s available for use as an upscale living space.

Renting Commercial Loft Space in Manhattan and NYC Offers Great Value

Loft office space in Manhattan is often less expensive than traditional office space. In the past, the appeal of loft space was largely limited to companies in creative fields. Today, the ubiquity of open concept offices (over 70% of all office space at this time) has made loft spaces very appealing to all types of companies.

Why Should Your Company Consider Leasing a Loft Space?

  • Reduced rent compared to traditional office space
  • Potentially reduced buildout costs since there is no need for immaculately finished areas, while still having an office that your employees and customers will enjoy
  • Better work environment for employees, leading to higher employee retention
  • Loft spaces often feature rooftop decks which extend your usable space and make it easy to catch some sun, have private conversations and hold special events
  • The loft aesthetic is very popular for many modern businesses

Markets Served

  • Tech Startups
  • Consulting Firms
  • Advertising Agencies
  • PR Firms
  • Design Firms
  • Architecture Firms

Current Average Loft Space Leasing Costs in Manhattan

(Updated September 2022)

Soho: $42 to $75 per square foot
Tribeca: $33 to $68 per square foot
Chelsea: $30 to $80 per square foot

Garment District: $26 to $50 per square foot

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is loft office space?

Loft office space is former industrial/manufacturing space retrofitted for office use. Loft office space typically has ceiling heights exceeding 10’, concrete or hardwood floors and oversized windows that provide abundant natural light. Examples of New York City loft office space are The Starrett–Lehigh Building (601 West 26th Street), The Puck Building (295 Lafayette Street) and The Arts Building (336 West 37th Street).

How much does it cost to lease loft office space in Manhattan and NYC?

It costs from $26 to $90 per square foot to lease loft office space in New York City. Loft office spaces start at about $1,100/month for a 500 square foot space. The most affordable loft office space is in Class C side street buildings in the Garment District. These buildings may lack amenities such as an attended lobby but the available space is often architecturally enticing. Midtown South has a wide choice of loft space with rents ranging from $35-$80/SF. Beautifully maintained Class B loft buildings such as 200 Park Avenue South and 215 Park Avenue South offer amenities comparable to Class A buildings, but this comes at a slight price premium.

What is the difference between a loft and a studio?

The main difference between a loft space and a studio is the size of the office space. Studios usually consist of just one or two rooms, while a loft covers a much larger area – sometimes an entire floor. Lofts can be used by office tenants as open-floor spaces, or they can be divided or partitioned to accommodate multiple teams or tenants with different needs.

Is Loft Office Space in Manhattan and NYC the Right Choice for My Business?

Loft office space is the right choice for your business if a sense of volume, large open areas that facilitate team collaboration and oversized windows that provide abundant natural light are key requirements in your search for a commercial space. Loft office space offers a young, hip vibe not typical of traditional drop ceiling office space. While loft office space is particularly desired by technology, marketing, public relations, architectural firms, it can also be built out in an office intensive manner to appeal to more traditional industries such as legal services and consulting firms.

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan and NYC to Rent Commercial Loft Space?

Chelsea, Tribeca, SoHo, The Flatiron District and The Garment District offer the best selection of New York City commercial loft space for rent. SoHo was originally a manufacturing neighborhood. It has a desirable inventory of industrial buildings converted to office use. It is among the most desirable and expensive areas for loft office space in Manhattan. The Flatiron District is famous for its ultra-desirable loft buildings around Union Square Park and affordable loft space on West 21st Street. The Garment District offers architectural interesting office loft comparable to SoHo but at bargain basement rents.

Will a Landlord Build Out Loft Office Space?

Landlords of larger loft buildings will typically build out a space on behalf of a new tenant if the lease term is at least 3 years. Many loft spaces on the market are completely open and empty. In order to rent those spaces, landlords are incentivized to offer a buildout. They will offer a more elaborate and costly buildout if the lease term is 5 years or longer. For shorter leases of 2-3 years, the landlord will usually paint the space and install new carpets, but they will not provide structural improvements such as the construction of private offices.

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