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What Kind of Commercial Real Estate Does Your Business Require?

Generally speaking, accounting firms use conservative office space; advertising agencies prefer  open plan space with exposed ceilings; legal services firms want conservative office space that can be anywhere but many prefer to be downtown near to City Hall and the court-houses. Financial services firms value traditional office space in White Glove Class-A buildings thinking that if they look rich the customer might think that the firm will make them rich too. Not-for-profits tend to look basic and budget-minded.  Internet businesses in Manhattan are booming.  They adore hip, classic commercial loft space in former factory buildings and warehouses and are moving to Midtown South, an area now known as Silicon Alley. And for public relations agencies, they prefer loft space with high ceilings, style and an abundance of natural light.  Working in this type of environment might sell a potential client on the agency’s creativity!  But then again, to PR people, isn’t image everything?

Many Business Real Estate Categories!!

The diversity of businesses real estate for lease or purchase in Manhattan is mind-boggling, yet this city can accommodate just about any business you have. Tell a Metro Manhattan (212) 444-2241 leasing agent what your needs are and he will find the best place for you.

Are you an art dealer and need a street level retail gallery space near to a museum? Are you a physical therapist, a psycho-therapist or an art dealer? Are you a private equity firm, an investment bank or a tech start-up? Get the picture? We’ve put Internet companies in office lofts, have found showrooms for menswear manufacturers, and medical space for psycho-therapists. We’ve even leased commercial condominiums for think tanks and put ad agencies in cooperatives.

Have a Little Imagination and Let your Landlord Upgrade for You!

Unlike residential properties where you often hear… “bring your toothbrush—move-in condition,” it’s rare that you’ll find a space that is! Case in point, you may find a property that’s almost perfect in size and location but if there was business that occupied this space before, chances are pretty good that it needs a bit of work. Your landlord knows that in order to lease or rent this space, he needs to call his contractors and get ready to invest in upgrades and renovations.

And while we’re on this subject please keep in mind the following: your Metro Manhattan realtor is at your side every step of the way. He is there to negotiate for you and get you the best deal possible in the best space possible. Landlords may not always agree to pay 100% of your build out costs, but your realtor will do everything possible to get for you the greatest allowance). Leave it to Metro-Manhattan, your experts. Let us negotiate on your behalf.

Do commercial renters pay property taxes in NYC?

It depends on the type of commercial lease that the tenant has signed. In the case of gross leases, the landlord handles all costs associated with the property, including taxes. Under net leases, operating costs, including property taxes, insurance, and maintenance, are transferred to the tenant.

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