Looking for law firm office space? Search law firm suites with us

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Looking for law firm office space? Search law firm suites with us

Manhattan Law Firm Space

Law firms aim to impress their clients, and well-appointed office space is sure to make a lasting first impression. At the same time, firms strive to create a pleasant work environment for their staff, who often put in long hours. Leasing office space is one of the greatest expenses for law firms, beyond payroll, so careful considerations must be made in terms of location, size and layout.Most law firms choose to locate in Midtown Manhattan, and some others lease office space in the Financial District. The evaluation of potential spaces should take into account the firm’s desired layout; the traditional law firm layout requires plenty of private offices, and features a traditional aesthetic including high-end finishes such as wood paneling. It is possible to find office space for lease that already fits this description, though some firms may choose to lease space that they can build-out to suit their needs. Aside from private offices, most law firms require space for a reception area, designated areas for assistances and paralegals, conference rooms, a library and document storage, as well as a kitchen and dining area for staff.

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