Broker Assistance

Broker Assistance

Broker’s Role: accompany our clients from property search to lease execution

Choosing a broker is a key decision when your business needs to lease a new Manhattan office or loft space; renew an existing tenancy in your current premises; or lease a new space in your existing building. So what should you expect from your commercial real estate broker?
1. Your broker will help you define your commercial real estate objectives and requirements, including but not limited to preferred locations, proximity to public transportation, overall costs and building amenities.
2. Your broker will conduct thorough and continuous searches to locate spaces that meet your criteria.
3. Your broker will schedule and participate in property tours of proposed spaces.
4. Your broker shall negotiate offers on behalf and in coordination with you so as to achieve the most favorable business terms.
5. Your broker shall, at all times, look solely to the landlord (lessor) for their commission.
6. Your broker shall solely represent the best interests of the tenant, not those of the landlord.
At  Metro Manhattan Office Space, Inc.  our realtors have the expertise you expect from a professional brokerage firm.

Client Care and Support

Client care and support translates during all steps of the office space search:
First, we let our client expose its real estate project in details, but we don’t hesitate to ask essential questions: his targeted neighborhood, his budget, his  architectural requirement. This professional dialogue will follow all the steps of our client real estate project.

Commercial Tenant Rep Services

1. Property Surveys

-Help the customer define the space, rent, and lease term requirements
-Evaluate square footage requirements while taking loss factor and potential growth space into account
-Present architectural layout of building type, footprint and space dimensions
-Capitalize on our experience with property managers, leasing agents, and leasing agents to get our client the space he needs

2. Site Selection

-Conduct a comprehensive scan of our extensive listing database that contains 99.9% of the market’s listings as they become available on a daily basis
-Conduct thorough research-driven analyses of commercial real estate market followed by complete property tours in neighborhoods suited for your needs
-Coordinate the scheduling of property tours and accompany tenants on thorough property inspections of rental spaces

3. Negotiation of Economic & Business Terms

-Explain specific details regarding the rent, rent escalations, miscellaneous charges, and build out terms during the tour
-Seeking cost effective measures by understanding and utilizing the city’s latest incentive programs and land use laws
-Draft and submit offers for space to landlords/leasing agents/managing agents, on behalf of customer
-Drafting counter proposals to landlords so that the tenant’s most favorable business expectations are met

Metro Manhattan Office Space, Inc.: an experienced team of licensed NYC real estate brokers fighting for your interests

Our firm has successfully closed leasing transaction in Manhattan’s dynamic commercial real estate market on behalf of large, small, and medium-sized tenants. We tailor fit our full list of brokerage services to meet the needs of the private, public, and non-profit client looking to lease or sublease, renew a lease, sublet or expand their NYC office space.

Start your search for the perfect NYC office space!

Call Metro Manhattan today at (212) 444-2241 and speak with a New York State licensed real estate broker. We have established relationships with the city’s major landlords and access to every available listing in the Manhattan commercial real estate market.Because the landlord pays our commissions, we charge no fee from the tenant.

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