Office Space Relocation

Office Space Relocation

Finding Office Space in New York to Meet Changing Needs

Office space in New York that once provided ample space may one day become cramped and inadequate. The loft space in Midtown South that seemed a perfect location for your start-up two years ago may lack some of the amenities you now desire. Add in intangibles such as changing market conditions and evolving operational necessities, and it quickly becomes clear that running a successful business requires flexibility with regards to leasing and acquiring commercial office space.

If your company is renting office space in New York, evaluate your options before you renew an expiring lease. Do you need more space to allow for potential growth? Can you now operate in a smaller, more affordable office space? Is your landlord asking for a big rent increase to renew your existing lease? Whatever the reason, it is beneficial to your business to put an experienced real estate broker on your side, one who can look out for your interests and help you devise and implement an effective real estate strategy. Metro Manhattan Office Space provides the experience and expertise you need.

A typical office space relocation plan with Metro Manhattan Office Space evolves as follows:

We begin with a thorough evaluation of your business to assess your needs, help you set realistic expectations, and develop a strategy for optimal square footage, architectural layout and desired geography. Our assessment also includes examining the costs of your current lease arrangement and a comparative analysis of other suitable properties in various Manhattan neighborhoods. We help clients understand key terms of their lease such as escalation clauses and energy clauses to show how those factors impact their use of office space in New York.

Using a proprietary property database, we search more than 99 percent of the New York City commercial real estate listings that are available. After identifying possible matches, we contact landlords, leasing agencies and property managers to determine a space’s suitability. We take great care in selecting properties that meet our clients’ needs, and invest hours vetting every client’s wish list to ensure their preferences are met.

Using the determined office space parameters, we compile a list of screened properties that meet your needs. You are spared from touring offices that are too large or too small, are located in undesirable neighborhoods, are too expensive, or fail in any way to provide the amenities that your company requires.  Metro Manhattan arranges your tour of each prospective property, and helps you decide on the space that is best-suited for you.

The negotiation process starts once a tenant authorizes us to submit an offer to a landlord for an available space. We draft lease proposals on behalf of tenants and help frame those proposals in order to negotiate the most favorable terms for our clients. Business terms which are negotiated include rent, use clauses, annual escalations, lease commencement dates, energy costs, and more.

Typically, the negotiation process includes a series of offers and counter-offers before a final agreement is reached. Once a lease is executed, Metro Manhattan Office Space continues to work for you throughout the relocation period.

Once we understand the real estate objectives of a firm, we often represent them for many years. Many customers return to us for assistance as their lease approaches expiration, either to assist in lease renewal negotiations or to help acquire additional office space in a new location. Our objective is to represent the tenant for the long term.

Metro Manhattan Office Space can recommend the services of reputable and cost effective attorneys, contractors, moving companies and telecommunications providers to ensure that your relocation is a smooth one.

Is your commercial lease for office space in New York expiring in the next calendar year? Take control of your company’s future. Contact real estate broker Alan Rosinsky at Metro Manhattan Office Space at 212-447-5403.

Alan set us up in a much better space for less than we had been paying.

By far my most pleasant experience with a broker in searching for an office space. Alan listened to our requirements without judgement, and found us what we needed, where we needed it, and at the price point we wanted. Very responsive to emails and quick turnaround time on all matters. Would give more stars if I could!

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Robert Certilman

It is been such a pleasure dealing with Alan from Metro Manhattan Office Space. He is upfront and honest and tries to find the right space to fit our needs. He was very successful in placing us in a building in New York City that was within our budget.

Thank you Alan and staff for your dedication to the success of my business

Andrew DiSimone

Love this guy! Called him on a Friday, from the train going home. He answered to phone himself and we spoke for over 30 minutes! That’s Great Customer Service! It took only two meetings with him to find a great new space. I was highly impressed with his knowledge, insight to my market.
Highly recommend him!