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Do you plan to lease or rent office space in Manhattan and NYC? Metro Manhattan will help you find the perfect Office Space to lease for your business! We have hundreds of New York City office space listings available on our website, updated daily. We cover Midtown Manhattan, Midtown South, Downtown Manhattan, and Uptown Manhattan. You can see listings in popular neighborhoods including the Financial District, Hudson Yards, Plaza District, Chelsea, Flatiron, Madison Ave, Park Ave, and many others. For information on thousands of other available spaces not listed here, call us directly at (212) 444-2241.

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If you are leasing office space in NYC for the first time, it’s important to know that there are several key factors that will impact your search, many of which are specific to NYC owing to its long history. The process of leasing office space in NYC is more complex and nuanced compared to other major US cities. NYC commercial real estate leases can exceed one hundred pages! Input from an experienced commercial real estate broker and lease attorney can be very valuable. Office rent represents one of the largest expenses and most extended commitments for a business – making this a critical financial decision for your future.

For over 17 years, Metro Manhattan Office Space has successfully transacted many hundreds of leases by carefully examining the tenant’s needs to help them choose an ideal office space to meet the expectations and requirements of their business.

Affordable Office Space Leasing Opportunities in Post Pandemic New York City

June 2022 Update:
In the commercial real estate space, COVID-19 has forced a major market reshuffle, and as a silver lining, new cost-saving opportunities for tenants have become available. Office, loft, medical, and retail store rents in New York City are at levels not seen in a decade, and landlords are offering generous concessions to sign leases with business tenants.

Key questions to think about:

  • Which landlords are most willing to negotiate post-pandemic?
  • Which Manhattan neighborhoods offer the best deals for your type of business?
  • How are businesses in your industry managing their office space challenges?
  • Which New York City landlords will allow you to expand within their buildings should you outgrow your space before your lease expires?
  • How have the tenant requirements changed since March 2020?
  • Are you better off negotiating a lease renewal or relocating to a different building if your commercial office lease expires soon?
  • Should you rent office space in a building with a high level of amenities to attract your staff back to the office? If so, which New York City office buildings offer amenities such as roof decks, outdoor space, dining facilities, bike storage, gyms, and shared conference rooms.
  • How will the New York City commercial real estate market evolve as the hybrid work model becomes the norm?

We are carefully tracking the market, and we are ready to answer your questions while having access to the latest information available. To help address your office space concerns, call us at (212) 444-2241. Get access to important information that will help you make informed business decisions during the current market uncertainty.

Listing Databases Never Tell the Full Story

The basic factors in choosing a desirable office space include the monthly rent, geographic location, layout, building amenities, proximity to public transportation, landlord concessions such as customized build-out of your office and free rent.

Popular online commercial real estate databases typically show rentable square footage, asking rent and listing photos. Critically, they do not provide the following tangible factors:

  • Listing amenities (Central HVAC, light and views, access to water, permitted uses, ceiling height), and the building (security, after-hour access, ADA compliance, common areas HVAC)
  • Actual square footage (“useable square footage” – which is always less than the advertised “rentable square footage”)
  • Condition of building common areas and mechanical systems (this can vary greatly; a good broker will know which buildings have gone through recent renovations!)
  • Confirmation of a listing’s availability

Online commercial property databases also fail to disclose intangible factors that adversely affect your tenancy:

  • A landlord’s willingness to negotiate terms favorable for the tenant
  • Quality of ownership (a prospective landlord’s financial strength)
  • Your ability to expand within a building
  • Lease provisions that increase costs
  • Hidden costs
  • Limitations on subleasing your space
  • Personal guarantees

Other factors include information about landlords and their tenant preferences, lease terms, and concessions (businesses frequently waste valuable time in negotiations that don’t result in a deal, forcing them to restart their search) and more.

Transparency in New York City’s Commercial Real Estate

The lack of transparency in the commercial New York City office space market can hurt your company. Reduce your risk by ensuring that you get access to crucial details about potential spaces, buildings, landlords, and lease terms, which you will be bound to for many years.

Metro Manhattan Office Space, Inc. (see our company details here) has acted as an office space rental and brokerage agency since 2004. We have excellent knowledge of buildings and current inventory of listings and have substantial experience making deals with New York City’s major commercial landlords, managing agents, leasing agents and property managers.

Get the Details that Landlords are Reluctant to Disclose

Our mission is to create transparency in the NYC commercial real estate market. We provide key up-to-date information and insights which will improve the quality of your search and save you substantial time and money. Let us help! Get in touch by calling us at (212) 444-2241 or use our contact form.

Are You Affected by Any of these Common Tenant Scenarios?

  • Your lease is expiring & you don’t intend to renew
  • You need to move to a smaller space in an affordable office building
  • You need more space due to business expansion
  • A start-up seeks its first commercial space
  • Demolition and redevelopment of your office building
  • Out-of-town business needs a New York City office rental
  • Negotiation of rent reduction and abatement during an economic downturn
  • Negotiation of an early termination of your lease

We’ve consulted and assisted tenants with solving and negotiating each of these and many other difficult scenarios.

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