Tenant Representation

Searching for NY Office Space? Let a Broker Lead the Way

Business owners have businesses to run. And whether they sell fashion accessories, offer accounting services, or design web applications, those entrepreneurs are most successful when they allow themselves to focus on their area of expertise. As for negotiating complex real estate deals that will aid in that success, that’s best left to a different expert.

Real estate broker Alan Rosinsky and the professionals at Metro Manhattan Office Space offer tenant representation that protects the interests of business owners all across Manhattan. Most large companies in New York rely on commercial real estate brokers to represent their real estate interests, and Metro Manhattan Office Space affords that same luxury to businesses of all types and sizes.

Because New York City presents unique and complex real estate opportunities, it is necessary for most tenants and buyers to consult a full-time real estate professional who understands the nuances of the Manhattan market. In addition to our market expertise, we at Metro Manhattan Office Space have negotiated more than 100 transactions and established relationships with the city’s major landlords, managing agents, leasing brokers, and property managers.

Who Can Metro Manhattan Office Space Help?

  • Start-up businesses looking to rent their first office space
  • Commercial tenants with an expiring lease
  • Business owners looking to relocate
  • Business owners looking to purchase commercial property
  • Manhattan landlords leasing commercial space

We can help commercial tenants with all aspects of their real estate needs.

While Metro Manhattan Office Space does offer landlord representation services, we specialize in representing tenants during the commercial leasing process. And our role is not limited to helping businesses expand or relocate; we also represent tenants during the lease re-negotiation process in order to obtain the most favorable lease terms possible while avoiding the cost and inconvenience of an office space relocation. A broker has a thorough understanding of market conditions has done business with the major players in the commercial real estate market, and knows what to ask for and how to ask for it from a landlord. The moment a broker represents a tenant – whether for expansion space in the same building, a renewal lease, or a relocation to a new property – the landlord understands the tenant is being shown office space options that give the tenant an economic advantage.

Exclusive Agency Agreements

While Exclusive Agency Agreements provide benefits to both the tenant and realtor, Metro Manhattan Office Space, Inc., does not require them. Principal broker Alan Rosinsky is happy to assist you with your Manhattan commercial real estate needs on a more informal basis. For answers to your questions, speak to Alan today by calling 212-447-5403.

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