Where Can I Find Pet-Friendly Office Space in New York City?

09 December, 2019 / Alan Rosinsky
Woman petting her dog in a pet-friendly office space in New York City.

Pets are no longer solely companions but now integral family members, leaving pawprints across more than just our living rooms. They’re transforming residential real estate into pet-centric sanctuaries, creating ripples that stretch even to commercial sectors. This evolution has spurred a demand for pet-friendly office space, mirroring millennials’ trend towards pet parenting and significantly shifting the commercial real estate landscape.

Prompted by studies touting pets’ positive influence on morale and productivity, employees are increasingly advocating for pet-friendly workplace policies. Consequently, creative sectors and co-working spaces embrace this trend, aiming to retain and attract talent. While the transition towards pet-friendly office spaces may need fine-tuning, it promises a more inclusive work culture.

However, even though the benefits of allowing pets in the workplace are undeniably attractive, it’s also essential to consider the potential complications that may arise. As such, this article will dive into the crucial factors you should evaluate when considering pet-friendly office space in New York City.

The Limited Inventory of Pet-Friendly Office Spaces

Avoid relegating the pet-friendly aspect to the back burner while discussing your office space needs with your broker. Though more landlords are warming up to the idea of pets in their properties, they remain a minority. Openly express this requirement during your initial meeting to save everyone’s time and prevent futile hopes of persuading reluctant landlords. Remember, institutional owners of prestigious buildings are typically less receptive to pet-accommodating tenants. In contrast, smaller owners might show more flexibility, albeit with certain conditions.

Handle With Caution

Securing a commercial landlord in New York City open to pets is just the beginning. The next crucial step is ensuring a harmonious environment for humans and pets. First, consider potential health issues – allergies to dogs and cats are more common than you’d think. Even one employee with a pet allergy can create a complex and potentially litigious situation. Ensure your entire team is on board before implementing the pet-friendly policy.

Designing the workspace to accommodate pets without hindering productivity is another crucial consideration. Consider creating a designated area for pets to prevent distractions. Moreover, you may require a pet schedule to prevent an overwhelming influx of animals. Imagine a scenario with 100 employees bringing their pets on the same day; a planned roster could keep the office from turning into a full-blown pet parade.

Establishing Pet Guidelines for a Harmonious Workspace

Even with an allergy-free team, crafting comprehensive pet guidelines is crucial to maintain a fair and orderly environment. Stress the importance of well-trained, well-behaved pets – dogs that can resist jumping on visitors and handle separation calmly. While you should expect some puppy exuberance, your clients and guests may not share the same tolerance. An ideal solution could involve a designated area for pets, mitigating disruption to daily operations and client interactions.

Even when we ensure pets are vaccinated, clean, and potty trained to safeguard everyone’s health, mishaps may still occur. Pet owners must understand the importance of cleaning after their pets promptly. Stocking no-marking sprays can help prevent repeat incidents. Additionally, pet owners should be aware they may be financially responsible if a cleaning crew needs to intervene.

Document Everything

As a tenant seeking pet-friendly office space, it’s imperative to understand potential legal implications. Remember, any incidents involving pets on the premises could lead to you bearing responsibility. The most concerning scenario involves a pet causing harm, potentially leading to legal action. Thus, it’s prudent from the landlord’s perspective to have pet owners submit thorough applications for their animals.

Including key details – the pet’s name, breed, weight, color, recent photo, vaccination proof, and updated vet records – in the application provides a robust safety net. It ensures every pet in the office is tracked and meets essential health requirements. Maintaining these detailed, clear records can avert misunderstandings and lessen the risk of legal troubles.

The Key Takeaway

The demand for pet-friendly office spaces in NYC is rising, mirroring millennials’ penchant for pet parenting. While embracing this trend boosts morale and productivity, it also demands careful planning. Early communication with brokers, careful consideration of health risks, established pet guidelines, and comprehensive pet documentation are paramount. Despite the challenges, a pet-friendly workspace promises a more inclusive and dynamic environment.

In the video below, Alan Rosinsky, Principal Broker at Metro Manhattan, shares an experience with a tech tenant seeking pet-friendly office space. He also provides his insights on locating such spaces in New York City.

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