Case Study: DFW Capital Partners’ Strategic Manhattan Relocation

Case Study: DFW Capital Partners’ Strategic Manhattan Relocation

The hustle and bustle of the business world requires more than just strategy—it requires vision, dedication, and, sometimes, a strategic change of address. For DFW Capital Partners, a private equity firm, this meant embarking on a monumental Manhattan relocation journey to the heart of the Flatiron District. But this isn’t just a tale of a company seeking a new office space. It’s about finding a blend of location, ambiance, and opportunity. Below is their story and how we helped them secure their top choice at 156 Fifth Avenue.

The Tenant: Who is DFW Capital Partners

DFW Capital Partners, a prominent Private Equity firm, stands out in the business world for its strategic vision and unwavering commitment. With an impressive track record of over 30 years, they have consistently showcased their prowess in cultivating successful middle-market enterprises.

Three Decades of Distinction

DFW Capital Partners, renowned for shaping middle-market firms, champions growth through strategic partnerships with business owners and managers. With a keen focus on the lower middle market, their diverse investment portfolio spans growth to consolidation. Bolstered by a team skilled in equity investments and industry nuances, they focus on value-driven results.

Sectors of Expertise

DFW Capital Partners specializes in Healthcare, Business Services, and Industrial Services. In Healthcare, they champion cost-effective firms maintaining top clinical quality. Their Business Services proficiency encompasses tech-aided consulting and sectors like pharmaceuticals. Moreover, within Industrial Services, they prioritize efficiency and compliance.

The Roots of DFW’s Manhattan Relocation

As the world’s commerce center, Manhattan has always appealed to private equity businesses. However, for Teaneck, NJ-based DFW Capital Partners, the decision to relocate was more a calculated strategy aiming at the heart of what Manhattan offers beyond its business climate.

Their Objective

DFW Capital Partners’ objective was clear: relocating from New Jersey to Manhattan not only marked the next chapter in its success story. Additionally, it presented an opportunity to bring employees back to the office. However, this move was about more than just transitioning to a new office space; it was about immersing the company in the heart of the city’s energy to embrace its unique fusion of work and leisure. Relocating to Manhattan would provide their hard-working team with a locale catering to their professional and personal needs, especially given their long work hours.

Their Requirements

Beyond the general allure of Manhattan, DFW’s focus honed in on specifics. They envisioned their new home in a Class A building – a setting befitting the prestige of a top-tier private equity firm. Additionally, they sought a new address in a neighborhood characterized youthful energy, replete with dining and entertainment options. Relocating to such an area would ensure that their staff wouldn’t merely be returning to an office but truly embracing a vibrant lifestyle.

The Search

When DFW Capital Partners decided to relocate, they knew finding the perfect Manhattan address would be a pivotal step in their journey. With many options, the company had to sift through choices to find a location that would resonate with their brand and team.

The Hunt Begins

In April 2023, Alan Rosinsky, the Principal Broker of Metro Manhattan Office Space, and Keith W. Pennell, DFW’s Managing Partner, kickstarted their search for an ideal Manhattan location. Firstly, they collaboratively toured about a dozen commercial office buildings in Greenwich Village, the Flatiron District, Hudson Yards, and the area around the Grand Central Terminal. Then, they wanted to hone in on a space that would mirror DFW’s aspirations and meet the team’s requirements. Although each location had a unique appeal, the mission at hand was clear.

Locking Down the Final Choice

Following a two-month search, DFW Capital Partners pinpointed the Flatiron District as their preferred neighborhood. This historic area, teeming with youthful energy, boasts cozy cafes and trendy boutiques. Additionally, its delicious restaurants and closeness to the lush Union Square Park offered exactly what they desired. Subsequently, 156 Fifth Avenue rose as their prime pick. By August, they had a lease in hand, ensuring their Manhattan relocation would finalize by December 2023.

The Building: 156 Fifth Avenue

156 Fifth Avenue epitomizes the Flatiron District—a fusion of historic elegance and modern luxury. Constructed in 1893 and renovated on multiple occasions, the building melds architectural heritage with contemporary conveniences.

Historic Significance

The architectural charm of 156 Fifth Avenue is deeply rooted in its past. Constructed after the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, its design mirrors styles linked to Louis Sullivan. Furthermore, James B. Baker, the genius behind this masterpiece, later manifested his brilliance with another creation: the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York.

The Building’s Magnificent Lobby

As visitors enter the building, the magnificent lobby immediately captivates them, representing beauty and grandeur. The lobby, restored to its historic splendor, boasts high-end finishes and hardwood floors. Additionally, tall ceilings enhance its spaciousness. At the same time, oversized windows flood the space with abundant natural light.

Features & Amenities

156 Fifth Avenue proudly boasts a 4-Star Office tag, promising comfort and class. A snapshot of its offerings includes:

  • 24/7 access with attentive lobby personnel.
  • Dual entrances and five elevators for easy movement.
  • Ceiling heights stretching from 12′ to an impressive 18′.
  • Newly renovated restrooms on every floor.
  • Advanced connectivity with Verizon FiOS, high-speed internet, and Cable TV.
  • Tenant-controlled A/C and direct metered electricity.


The building is situated strategically at the northwest corner of West 20th Street and 5th Avenue and offers unparalleled accessibility. Especially with proximity to the 23rd Street and 14th Street-Union Square Subway Stations, tenants and visitors can easily access trains like the 4, 5, 6, D, F, L, N, Q, R, V, W, and even the PATH.

Office Details

DFW Capital Partners secured a 5-year lease for Suite 1100. This 3,000 SF corner space initially featured exposed ceilings in a pristine white box condition. After careful negotiations, they crafted a layout with six offices and a large conference room. Moreover, it features glass doors, walls, and custom lighting fixtures.

The Landlord: HRC Corporation

HRC Corporation, the landlord of 156 Fifth Avenue, excels in leasing and managing midtown Manhattan spaces. Importantly, they’ve built a strong reputation through fostering landlord/tenant relationships. There’s a reason why tenants often thrive in HRC buildings, with many expanding into larger spaces.

The Key Takeaways

DFW Capital Partners made a strategic move with its Manhattan relocation. Yet this move to 156 Fifth Avenue in the heart of the Flatiron District was about more than just a new address. It symbolized growth, vision, and commitment to legacy and vibrant culture. Furthermore, it promises vast potential. We were proud to assist them and eagerly await their future endeavors.

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