Do You Want Class A, Class B or Class C? Manhattan Office Buildings are Defined According to Classes

Do You Want Class A, Class B or Class C? Manhattan Office Buildings are Defined According to Classes

Commercial buildings in Manhattan are informally classified according to a class rating system that looks at the quality and amount of amenities offered. These standards determine the desirability and price of a rental or leased space, hence Class A, B or C.

Let’s talk about the core differences between a Class A, Class B and Class C buildings. These differences will help you decide what you want, need and can afford.

Now understand, this is New York City commercial real estate. Don’t expect this to be easy or clear-cut as with everything here, there are exceptions to every rule. But if you put yourself in the hands of Metro Manhattan Office Space we can show you the ropes and scope out the best space for you! Call us at 212-444-2241.

Class A Office Buildings: The Best

Some people believe that “image in everything…” and if that’s the image you need to project than a Class A building is for you.

Class A is all that you think: It’s First Class all-the-way. It’s the best, the top of the heap, with no expenses spared. Class A buildings have gorgeous glitzy lobbies, state-of-the-art everything and buildings that are maintained to within an inch of its life. Class A buildings are for Masters of the Universe, Captains of Industry and their minions…and in many cases, Class A is where they belong.

Class A buildings are nearly always on an avenue near to major transportation hubs. They are Open for Business 24/7 with shining lobbies that are guarded around-the-clock. One can be sure that no access will be given — even to tenants — without proper ID.

The mechanical systems – heating, ventilation, elevators — and infrastructure — corridors, lobbies, restrooms — are frequently refurbished and perfectly maintained. These buildings were constructed as office buildings, not warehouse spaces and usually have property management people on-site.

In mid-town, these buildings are located in the Grand Central area, along Fifth Avenue near to the Plaza Hotel, and way downtown in the Financial District. Practically all the Avenue of the Americas buildings (Sixth Avenue for New Yorkers), are Class A structures and with all the new building in the Financial District, Class A buildings abound.

Here are some examples of Class A office buildings in Manhattan:

The Chrysler Building, The GM Building, 787 Seventh Avenue, 825 Eighth Avenue, The Grace Building, Citigroup Center, 270 Park Avenue, 51 Madison Avenue, 32 Avenue of the Americas, 233 Broadway, 100 Church Street, 61 Broadway, Brookfield Place, 200 West Street.

Class B Office Buildings: Mid Range Rents, Well Maintained Properties

Class B buildings are also along the avenues but most are found on the side streets.  In general, these buildings are older, have been updated and revitalized and are now beautiful office spaces with grand lobbies and lots of extras. Many of these buildings have kept their historically large windows reminiscent of an earlier life as a factory or warehouse building. Today they are spacious and beautifully decorated. There are even loft spaces to be found among the Class B buildings with high ceilings and open areas that can be transformed to fit your needs.

Many Class B properties can be found along Midtown South in Chelsea, The Flatiron District, Union Square, SoHo and Tribeca as well as certain Midtown Manhattan Neighborhoods such as The Garment District. Below are some examples:

555 Eighth Avenue, 55 Fifth Avenue, 495 Broadway, 225 Broadway, 299 Broadway, 375 Pearl Street, 90 John Street, 10 Hudson Square.

Class C Office Buildings: Functional Spaces at Competitive Rents

After Class B comes Class C as these properties are by no means the bottom of the bucket. In fact, you can find many jewels in Class C buildings and live happily forever more. Yes, Class C buildings are often smaller and more casual meaning that you might know the landlord or building owners. There’s nothing like having a personal relationship and if you do, you’re good to go and go and go-go!

A deeper look at qualities that define Class C properties will illustrate that many landlords are investing in upgrading their Class C properties. Landlords are especially cognizant of what business tenants want and are investing in renovating the common areas, the mechanical systems, the building façade and roof.

Class C buildings are smaller and are on side streets. The bathrooms may not have been newly upgraded but then again, it depends on what you find.  Frequently, lobbies are unattended and there might be only one elevator. Accordingly, the rents are lower with terms that are decidedly easier. If you are unconcerned about glitter or gloss then a Class C building may be for you. And for start-ups, this is your ideal choice.

No matter if you’re looking for a Class A, Class B or Class C building. Your best choice is Metro-Manhattan Office Space, specialists in every class office space in Manhattan. Call us today. Let us show you the office space of your dreams, in the neighborhood you want and for a budget that you can afford. Call us today at 212-444-2241. We’re here to serve your commercial real estate needs.