NYC Office Space Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Whether yours is a short- or long-term lease, the benefits of reducing energy use in your NYC office space are significant. If you haven’t yet signed or renewed a lease, it is important to arm yourself with information. Contact a professional real estate rental broker in New York City for energy-saving advice before you sign a commercial lease. Here are just a few helpful cost-saving tips for NYC office space tenants to save money on their utility bills. Find Newly Constructed or Retrofitted LEED Office Space It’s no secret that the majority of NYC office space building stock is old. A vast number of buildings in Manhattan were built before “green” even became a buzzword for sustainability. Given that, it’s also no… Continue reading

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You can lease Class A, Class B or Class C office space in New York City

Commercial buildings in Manhattan are informally classified according to a class rating system that looks at the quality and amount of amenities offered. These standards determine the desirability and price of a rental or leased space, hence Class A, B or C. Let’s talk about the core differences between a Class A, Class B and Class C buildings. These differences will help you decide what you want, need and can afford. Now understand, this is New York City commercial real estate. Don’t expect this to be easy or clear-cut as with everything here, there are exceptions to every rule. But if you put yourself in the hands of Metro Manhattan Office Space we can show you the ropes and scope… Continue reading

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8 Key Questions

Before calling a New York City commercial real estate broker to help you rent Manhattan office space, ask yourself these eight key questions. Your answers will facilitate your search and help you find the best space at the most favorable lease terms. 1. How much Manhattan office space do I really need? Use our office space calculator to determine how much square footage you require. Input the desired number and size of offices, number of cubicles, conference rooms, bullpen areas, break rooms and reception areas, and our calculator will generate an approximate square footage. Take the following factors into account when determining ideal square footage: Existing head count in your space Projected future growth of your staff Square footage of your… Continue reading

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Good for you!  You’ve found an ideal office space in New York City.  You like it but can you really afford it?  Of course, you are wondering. But do you know that, on the other side, the landlord is probably thinking the same thing?  He knows you are considering submitting an offer to lease the space but he wonders if you can pay the rent on time and over the long haul.  ASSESSING THE CREDITWORTHINESS OF AN NYC BUSINESS TENANT Landlords are conservative business people and don’t like taking chances unless they’re convinced that they’ll receive timely rent payments throughout the term of a lease.  So, if you see a space that works for you, you still have a long… Continue reading

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Who Build Outs the Space, You or the Landlord?

Often the existing layout of an office, loft, showroom or medical space needs to be modified in order to suit a potential tenant. “Building out” a space allows it to be customized to best meet a firm’s needs, and often involves building sheet rock walls, modifying electrical distribution, adding floor treatment, installing HVAC or lighting fixtures, and painting. When tenants evaluate a space, they should be sure to learn whether the landlord is agreeable to build-out in NYC. Many commercial landlords will agree to build-out in NYC for a credit-worthy tenant. Assuming the tenant signs a lease term of at least five years (so the landlord has sufficient time to amortize the cost of construction), the landlord will often modify… Continue reading

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