Insurance and liability requirements are among the many complex issues that your commercial lease will address. Negotiating lease terms for New York City office space is the primary responsibility of your attorney. But Metro Manhattan Office Space, an experienced commercial real estate tenant representative broker, helps tenants understand the basic insurance and liability protections that should be included, and works in cooperation with attorneys during lease term negotiations. What is Commercial Liability Insurance? Liability insurance protects insured parties from liability in third-party claims concerning personal injury or property damage. Insurance Requirements New York City landlords require their tenants to have liability insurance. Commercial tenants are not permitted to take possession of leased space until their insurance policy is effective. Prior… Continue reading

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How Long Will It Take You To Lease a New Office In Manhattan? The commercial leasing process in New York City generally lasts anywhere from a few months to a year. In order to estimate the length of time it takes to acquire a new space, it is essential to understand the key steps involved; from determining your architectural needs, searching for the right space, negotiating business terms and lease language, to completing construction. Contact a commercial real estate expert at (212) 447-5403 who can explain the steps below in detail and help you lay out a course of action to locate the perfect Manhattan office rental for your business or organization. The timeline described below applies to any types of commercial real estate rental in New York… Continue reading

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Checklist for Your NYC Office

The location of your business is deeply tied to its success, but finding a new rental space can be complicated. What is the best way to conduct a New York office search? How can you find the best office space in Manhattan? Extending your current lease or seeking to expand the space you rent in your current building are great ways to avoid the costs incurred during a relocation. But if relocation is necessary, there are cost-effective measures you can take to make your New York office search financially palatable. Use the checklist provided below to arm yourself with answers to some of the most important questions. Your New York Office Search Checklist What are your goals for your rental… Continue reading

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Office space installations are generally provided by landlords

Getting the Build Out You Want When you rent a new location for your existing business or start-up, getting your space built out exactly as you want it is key. If you are an accounting firm that needs 8 offices and a conference room, you will not feel comfortable in an open plan. If you are a technology start-up looking to create a collaborative work environment with an open layout, you are not happy in an office intensive space. The good news is that landlords will often modify a space so it meets a new tenant’s architectural specifications. They will hire a general contractor, manage construction and, to varying degrees, pay for build-out costs. So, as a tenant, don’t assume… Continue reading

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Commercial Space is a generic catchall phrase that defines any real estate property that is not residential. And within the commercial space nomenclature, there’s an endless array of categories that have nothing in common with each other. After all, what does a medical office have to do with a retail shoe store or a showroom that imports new drapery fabrics from France? Well, they all need commercial properties and places to house their businesses. Many Business Real Estate Categories!! The diversity of businesses real estate for lease or purchase in Manhattan is mind-boggling, yet this city can accommodate just about any business you have. Tell a Metro Manhattan (212) 447-5403 leasing agent what your needs are and he will find… Continue reading

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