• Office
    • 5,100 Sq. Ft.
    • Negotiable
    • W. 126th St.
    • Uptown / Harlem
  •  in W. 126th St. 451-461 W. 126th St. Entire fourth floor. Harlem office space. Negotiable pricing. Office
    0 451-461 W. 126th St.
    451-461 W. 126th St. New York NY
    • Office
    • 7,692 Sq. Ft.
    • $15,384 / month
    • W. 125
    • Uptown / Harlem
  •  in W. 125 215 W. 125th St. Multiple offices and a conference room. Former classroom space. Office
    15384 215 W. 125th St.
    215 W. 125 New York NY

Cultural, Art & Academic Institutions

Just north of Manhattan’s Central Park, the neighborhood of Harlem situates itself from 110th Street to the Harlem River, and from 5th Ave to St. Nicholas Ave.   Adjacently, East Harlem aligns from 96th Street to the Harlem River, and spans east from 5th Ave to the East River.
Harlem is among the most vibrant neighborhoods in New York City.  It is recognized worldwide for a reputation of arts & culture, and has served as an especially vital center for Black artists.   The area boasts an incredible presence of cultural, art and academic institutions.  Some of Harlem’s major sites include the Apollo Theatre, Marcus Garvey Park, the National Jazz Museum, and the National Black Theatre.  Columbia University has also expanded its campus into the area of West Harlem.

The Perfect Time & Place to Grow Your Business

Recently, the stage is being set for yet another urban renaissance –this time, a push from the City Council who in 2008 approved a comprehensive rezoning plan for Harlem.  The rezoning aims to foster the growth of 125th Street as Harlem’s main artery for business and a premier destination for arts & entertainment.  The plan accounts for the creation of new cultural destinations, mixed-use housing, and approximately 1.8 million square feet of additional commercial office, hotel and retail space.
There are also many available commercial incentives if you should chose to relocate your business to Harlem.  These offer many advantages such as reduced rent or subsidized electricity costs, among others.