How to Ensure a Smooth Move to Your New Office Space in 8 Easy Steps

How to Ensure a Smooth Move to Your New Office Space in 8 Easy Steps

Regardless of the size of your business, relocating to a new office is a complex process, much more complicated than, say, moving to a new home. You’ve got bulky furniture, loads of technology and important equipment, maybe lots of confidential files, not to mention all the knick-knacks that the members of your team have collected over the years. When you move to a new office, there are a lot of things that you need to consider, and taking note of them is crucial if you don’t want the moving process to be total chaos. 

To that end, we thought it’d be useful for businesses that are gearing up for a move to know what things they should look out for and what to expect. We’ve come up with a list of important steps to follow when moving your company to a new office space, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that every member of your team is satisfied and at ease. We’ve then also prepared a list of recommended moving companies in NYC that can help you with the whole process, so you don’t have to waste time finding the right movers. 

8 Crucial Steps to Follow for a Successful Office Relocation

Let’s start by looking at the most important aspects to consider while preparing to move offices. These are all things that you should think about before your move-in date, to make sure you’ve got a handle on the process and are not caught off-guard at any moment. Many things can go wrong during a move, things can get lost, damaged or mixed up, the new space might not be fully ready to be operational, you forget to alert people that you’ve moved, and so on. These 8 tips will get you prepared for any issues that might arise, and will help you move into and enjoy your new office space stress-free.

1. Start planning and organizing the move early

Preparation is key for any move, but when it comes to a business move, you want to start prepping even earlier. You’ve got employees who depend on you to make the moving process as smooth as possible, so that nobody’s productivity is affected. Your business can also be affected if you have to postpone meetings with clients or partners because your move is taking longer than expected. That’s especially crucial if you’re running a startup or a business in the early stages. Plan for the move a few weeks, preferably a few months in advance, and let everyone in the team know when the move is happening. Once you’ve found the right office space, you also need to plan out your arrival to that space, and figure out where everything will go and where everyone will sit. You can consult with your team to ensure that everyone is satisfied with where they’ll be sitting, as the lack of control employees feel during a move can be a major stressor that affects their wellbeing. 

2. Make sure there is someone in charge of the move

Even if your business consists of just a handful of people, it’s good to appoint someone to serve as the official ‘moving manager.’ You might be thinking you can take care of it yourself, but the danger is that you’ll become overwhelmed trying to combine your usual duties with the stress of handling an office move. That’s why it’s important to assign someone the move, and this person can then ensure that everyone in the team is packed up and ready to go, and can run interference with the movers on your behalf. This person can report back to you with any issues and let you know how the process is going, so that you only intervene when necessary, and use your time to make sure the business stays productive while you move. 

3. Find the best moving company for your business

If you’re moving to a new apartment or a new home, you might be able to get away with moving your things all on your own, or with the help of family and friends. When it comes to an office move, that’s definitely not a good idea, and you absolutely need to enlist the help of a professional team of movers. Firstly, the office move doesn’t only include your personal items, but the belongings of all your employees, and they’re counting on you to make sure that everything arrives intact at the new location. Secondly, running a business involves a lot of technology and equipment, from cables, servers and routers to computers, laptops, projectors, printers and conferencing tech. If you’re operating a tech company, then the technology will be your biggest concern during a move. Thirdly, moving companies will help you move any fragile items or bulky furniture and can also help you unpack and set everything up at the new location. Your best bet is to look for professional movers with experience in commercial space moves – we’ll have some recommendations for commercial movers in NYC at the end of this article. 

4. Have employees involved in the move to save time

Moving to a new office and ensuring it all goes smoothly is mainly your responsibility as a business owner. But that doesn’t mean that you need to handle every step of the moving process on your own. Get your team involved in the process to ensure the smoothest of transitions, and have them pack up all their personal items as they’d like. You can provide all the necessary tools and materials, like label makers, bubble wrap, and boxes. Each employee can wrap up their personal items and label everything with their name, so that things don’t get lost or mixed up in the move. This will not only save you a lot of time and effort, but it will also make your employees feel more engaged and part of the team, because they’re involved in the moving process. It will also take a lot of stress out of the equation, as nobody will be worrying about their items and whether they’re packed carefully or not. 

5. Get to know the new building

When your team arrives for the first day of work in the new office, they’ll have some adjusting to do, from learning where all the entries and exits are in the building to figuring out how lights and security work in the new space. The easiest way to help everyone get their bearings is for you to know all these details beforehand and give others the run-down. You’ll obviously be visiting your future office often, and you’ll be the best person to give everyone else a walkthrough of the space on the first day. That will save everybody a lot of time and stress, and it’ll be a fun thing to do to get your team excited about the new location. You can also assign someone to introduce everyone to the new building or new space, explain how everything works, where everyone will be sitting, and present all the crucial security and safety information. It can be daunting to change offices, and it will take a while to learn the ropes around the new space, but this first-day tour will make things a lot easier. 

6. Let interested parties know about the address change

When you move to a new apartment or a new house, it can happen that you forget to alert certain people about your change of address. In the case of a business move, you cannot take that chance, because you will have clients, partners, potential employees, lawyers, and so on, and they need to be able to reach you without fault. Let everyone know you’re moving, and give them the new address and the move-in date. You can do this either via email or by phone, and don’t forget to break the news on social media and change your contact information on there, as well. Make a checklist of anyone who should be alerted about your new business address; think of all your clients, your family, your business partners, recruiters, your lawyers or legal representatives, your accountants, whoever needs to know. 

7. Figure out what things should be left behind

A move, whether it’s residential or business-related, is the perfect time to also do a declutter. When you move from one place to the next, you’ll find that many things that worked in your old space aren’t really suitable for the new one. Take furniture, for instance; you might not be able to fit all the furniture you were using in your old office into the new space. The configuration and layout might be different, or the furniture simply won’t ‘go’ with the vibe of your new office. The same goes for desks and common-area appliances like fridges, dishwashers, and so on. When you lease an office, you might not even need all these things, because the space might already be fitted with all the necessary appliances. But that depends on the build-out agreement you set up with the landlord; if you’ve chosen to lease a space ‘as is,’ and decided to build it out yourself, then you might run into problems like these. The upside is that this change gives you the opportunity to replace any items or appliances that are in need of an upgrade, and start fresh at your new space – if your budget allows it.

8. Celebrate the successful move with your team

Lastly, it’s important to ensure that your team is happy and comfortable in the new space, and that they see the office move as a milestone in your company’s journey – a journey that they’re also part of. Change can be daunting for many people, especially if you’ve operated in the same office or same building for a long time. That’s why it’s crucial to get everyone on board and excited about the move, and what better way to make that happen than to host a ‘new office party?’ There are many ways to mark the occasion and get everyone pumped for their first day in the new office; you can set up a lunch or desserts for everyone in the office, you can decorate the office with balloons and welcome signs, or you could pop some champagne at the end of the workday and have everyone join in on the celebration. It will give your team a boost in morale and productivity, and make them feel excited about coming into the new office the next day – and the next. 

Why You Should Enlist the Help of a Professional Moving Company

Now that we’ve gone through the most important steps to make your office move a smooth process, we want to stress the importance of professional help in this matter. You absolutely need to enlist the help of a moving company, for many reasons. A moving company might require an investment on your part, but it will save you time and money in the long run. Using professional movers, which means more manpower and all the necessary equipment at the ready, will make for a much more efficient move, and you’ll be settled into your new space in no time. You won’t have to worry about transporting fragile items, about renting moving trucks, or about setting everything up in the new place. The team of movers will do all of that for you, so that you can worry about keeping your business running smoothly while you switch locations. 

Which Are the Best Commercial Moving Companies in NYC?

Trying to find the right moving company for your business needs can be quite a hassle, because in a big city like New York, you’ll find that there are a plethora of such businesses, and you’ll have a hard time picking just one. The most important thing to look for is experience in commercial moves; moving offices is a lot different than moving to a new apartment or a new home, and it involves a lot of sensitive and expensive items. Move-in dates are not as flexible when it comes to office tenants; when you agree on a move-out date with your old landlord, then you’re expected to clear the space by that time to make room for new tenants. Therefore, an office move presents more challenges than a residential one, so you want to work with a moving company that understands those aspects. 

You’ll also want to work with professional movers who are familiar with the area that they’ll need to operate in – if your business is in Manhattan, maybe it’s not the best idea to hire a moving company that operates mainly in Queens. Traffic is a big factor that can slow down your moving process, and you want to work with someone who knows their way around the area. 

Lastly, don’t choose a moving company blindly; look at their website, check their reviews on Yelp or Facebook, and ask people you know in the business for recommendations. Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch, as we’ve compiled a list of a few moving companies that know their way around NYC and have experience in commercial relocations. The list is definitely not exhaustive, so if you know any other companies worth including, be sure to reach out and let us know.

Company nameWebsiteAddress/Service areaYelp! rating
Roadway Moving 3rd Ave, 6th floor, Manhattan4.5
Veteran Movers Cadman Plaza W, 12th floor, Brooklyn4.5
Dumbo Moving and Storage!/15 N Oxford St, Brooklyn4.5
Lift NYC Sheridan Square, Manhattan5
Big Apple Movers!/83 3rd Ave, Brooklyn4
NYC Great Movers 9th St, Brooklyn / 510 5th Ave, 3rd floor, Manhattan4.5
Man With a Van Moving & Delivery area4.5
Piece of Cake Moving & Storage E 3rd St, suite 2A, Manhattan / 27 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn4.5
NYC Moves E 4th St, Manhattan5
Movage Moving + Storage W 88th St, Manhattan / 135 Lincoln Ave, Bronx4.5

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