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369 Lexington Avenue, Former Hale & Hearty Restaurant

247 West 35th Street, Partial 9th Floor

23 East 67th Street, Entire 4th Floor

255 West 36th Street, Suite 6A

255 West 36th Street, Entire 8th Floor

255 West 36th Street, Suite #11B

369 Lexington Ave, Suite #8A

369 Lexington Ave, Suite #8B

369 Lexington Ave, Suite# 15A

540 West 28th Street (Ground Level)

483 Tenth Avenue, #325-Steps to Hudson Yards

483 Tenth Avenue, Suite #410

483 Tenth Avenue, Suite #520-Steps to Hudson Yards

483 Tenth Avenue, Suite #510

Plug & Play Sublet-501 Fifth Avenue, #1709

501 Fifth Avenue, Suite #1701

805 Third Avenue, Partial 18th Floor

636 Broadway, Partial 12th Floor

584 Broadway, #1007

580 Eighth Avenue, Entire 18th Floor

352 Seventh Avenue, #211

333 West 52nd Street, #1007

265 West 37th Street, #1801

236 West 30th Street, Ground Floor Retail

225 Broadway, #3120

225 Broadway, #1815

213 West 35th Street, #600

270 Lafayette Street, #506

55 West 39th Street, Partial 2nd Floor

54 West 21st Street, Suite #309-310

80 Broad Street, Suite #2001

Starrett Lehigh Building-601 West 26th Street-Suite #M230

370 Lexington Avenue, Suite #1410

80 Broad Street, Suite #1604

80 Broad Street, Suite #1302

370 Lexington Avenue, Suite #2001

291 Broadway-Suite #1105

291 Broadway-Partial 7th Floor

291 Broadway, Partial 7th Floor

370 Lexington Avenue, Suite #2101

Broadway & 25th Street: Efficient Small Office, Good for Therapist or Psychiatrist

Broadway & 26th Street – Suite #827

Broadway & 58th Street – Partial 12th Floor

1776 Broadway – Partial 22nd Floor

369 Lexington Avenue – Entire 5th Floor

369 Lexington Avenue – Entire 11th Floor

369 Lexington Avenue – Entire 26th Floor, Private Terrace with Panoramic Views

Madison Avenue & 39th Street, Plug & Play Sublet Until December 2024

Plug & Play Sublet, West 35th Street, Off 7th Avenue, Entire 7th Floor

Broadway & 22nd Street-Office or Medical Use

Broadway & 22nd Street, Suite #807

Broadway & 22nd Street, Suite #605

501 Fifth Avenue, Suite #1603

Fifth Avenue & 41 Street, Suite #708

244 Fifth Avenue, Entire Sixth Floor

Polished Concrete Floors, Exposed Ceilings

Corner Office Rental with Bullpen & 1 Office

Affordable John Street Office Rental

Broad Street Prebuilt Office, New Lobby

Built & Furnished Office Facing Broadway

11 Broadway-Brick Walls & Oversized Windows

Fifth Avenue Prebuilt Office with Skyline Views

Fifth Avenue Luxury Office Rental with Arched Windows

West 20th Office Loft Rental with Skylight

FiDi Law Firm Space on 31st Floor-5 Windowed Offices + Conference Room. VIEWS!

Charming West 24 Street Office with Skylights

West 34th Street Office Rental, Near Empire State Building

866 UN Plaza-Corner Space Across from UN Headquarters

30th Street & Broadway, Corner Loft Office with Oversized Windows

Incredible Skyline Views , Upscale Class A Building

Lexington Avenue, 39th Street, Bright Double Corner, Medical or Office Use

Office Loft with Terrace-West 37th Street

Glass Offices, Terrace, Exposed Ceilings, Affordable-West 37 Street

Trophy Class A Office-Efficient Corner Space, Madison Avenue, Low 60s

Madison Avenue, 60s, Class A Office-Perfect for Hedge Fund, Venture VC, Family Office

Affordable Madison Avenue Class A Plaza District Office Rental

5th Avenue Office Rental-12′ Ceiling Height & Oversized Windows

248 West 35th Street, Entire 16th Floor, 5,200 SF

Former Cryotherapy Therapy Space-West 57 Street, Near Columbus Circle

6,204 SF, Madison Ave, High 50s-Landmark

6,021 SF, Madison Ave, High 50s-Landmark

Gorgeous, 4,100 SF Tech Style Office

2,200 SF Office Rental, W. 39 St., Near Sixth Ave.

4,500 SF Store-Off 6th Ave, Frontage, Affordable

12,810 SF-Terraces, Great Views, Open Space & Offices

5,200 SF, Affordable Office Loft, W. 27 St

1,450 SF, 3 Offices + Bullpen, 27 St, Near FIT

Full Floor, Madison Avenue Boutique Building-Office, Medical or Gallery Use

70 W. 36 Street-Plug & Play Law Office, Corner, Views, 7 Offices

260 West 35th Street, Suite #501

260 West 35th Street, Suite #303

526 Seventh Avenue, Entire 5th Floor Office, 2,500 Square Feet

526 Seventh Avenue, Entire 7th Floor Office, 2,500 Square Feet

39 West 14th Street, 4,600 SF, #205

39 West 14th Street, 1,500 SF, #407

39 West 14th Street, 1,300 SF Office, #501

West 35 Street, Partial 6th Floor-3,300 SF Office

Bright Half Floor Loft Space, Skyline Views, Low Loss Factor

370 Lexington Avenue, Suite #1208

370 Lexington Avenue, Suite #1103

370 Lexington Avenue, Suite #706

370 Lexington Avenue, Suite #1806

Full Floor Penthouse Office-Skyline Views-Financial District

Office Intensive Financial District Sublet, Plug & Play-Furniture, Phones-Bright

Affordable Office Rental, West 21 Street Near 5th Avenue

21 Street Near 6th Avenue, Bright Corner Office, Best Block in Chelsea

Budget Industrial Style Chelsea Office Rental Near FIT

Cooper Square, Greenwich Village Corner Office-Perfect PR, Advertising Tech Space

Affordable Flatiron Full Floor 5,500 SF Office-Park Avenue South

Creative Style Office Loft, Classic SoHo Full Floor, Wooster Near Prince St.

Plaza District Office Sublet/Park Avenue, Bright Small Space

Super Affordable Loft Space-117 E. 24th Street, 2,000 SF

Below Market Sublet, 1677 Lexington Ave, Plug & Play

SoHo Office Loft, Broadway & Prince, 3,500SF

38th Street & 6th Ave, 1,725SF, 4 Offices, Conference Room

29th Street & 5th Ave., Glass Offices, South Exposures, Elegance Lobby

23rd Street, Madison Square Views, 3,000SF Full Floor

3,700 SF, Column Free Ground Floor-Perfect for Classroom, Special Events, Yoga Studio

4,050 SF Penthouse with Skylights, Broadway & Liberty Street

6th Ave & 38th Street, 852 SF Office, Bright, Affordable

Fifth Avenue, Excellent Natural Light and Beautiful Views

144 West 37 Street, 1,500 SF Office Rental

43 East 67th Street, Art Gallery Space for Lease, 1,590 S.F.

West 34th Street, Medical Office, Good for Psychiatrist, Therapist

58 West 57th Street, 1,803 SF, Bright Facing 57th Street

Office Rental at 231 Madison Avenue, Corner Office

West 21st Street, Budget Office Space, Open Plan, Hardwood Floors

610 Broadway, Cable Building, 1,997 Square Feet, Greenwich Village

West 21 Street, Hip Industrial Style Office

320 Fifth Avenue, Glass Entry, Exposed Ceiling

White Box, 2,255 SF, Office Space, Downtown NYC, Build to Suit

Madison Avenue Office with Hardwood Floors, Open Ceiling

384 Fifth Avenue Office Rental with Useable Terrace

East 35th Street Below Market Lease Assignment, Key Money

19 West 21st Street Budget Loft Space on Chelsea’s Best Block

Magnificent Fifth Avenue Prebuilt Office – Rockefeller Center

UN Plaza Corner Office Rental, Views of East River & United Nations

Spectacular 1 World Trade Center Office for Lease

Full Floor Prebuilt Office for Lease at 56 Broadway

East 40th Street Plug & Play Medical Office

29 East 40th Street Perfect Office for Therapist, Psychiatrist

135 Madison Avenue Plug & Play Office Rental

Industrial Style Loft Rental-West 27th Street

35 West 44th Street, Plug & Play Law Office Sublease

225 Broadway, #2920

225 Broadway, Suite #2018

39th Street & 6th Avenue, Entire 15th Floor

20 West 21st Street, Loft Office Rental, Wet Pantry, Private Bathroom, Hardwood Floors

5 East 45th Street Corner Office Rental, Near Grand Central, Landlord to Build

161 Broadway Affordable Office Rental

550 Fifth Avenue Creative Prebuilt Office-Class A Landmark Building

Madison Avenue, Perfect Office for Law or Accounting Firm

Class A, Ultra Modern Prebuilt Office at 550 Fifth Avenue

Hip Industrial Space, West 30th Street

Third Avenue, Office Sublease, Above Standard Build Out

20 W. 21st Street Law Firm Space

121 Lafayette Street, Private Floor, Open Plan

West 28th Street, Penthouse, Charming, Affordable

West 21st Street, Industrial Loft, 3,960SF, $62/SF

18 East 41st Street – Full Floor Law Firm Space

14 Maiden Lane – Efficient, Office Intensive-Charming Financial District Boutique Building

Industrial Style Loft, West 27 Street

Creative Loft Space-Open Plan, Conference Room, Offices & Pantry

Prebuilt Office: Park Avenue South, 19th Floor, 1,762 SF

Third Avenue Partial 5th Floor

East 54th Street, Partial 9th Floor

East 54th Street Partial 8th Floor

115 West 30 Street, 12th Floor, Exposed Ceilings

6 Liberty Place, Entire 8th Floor – Entire Floor Office Rental

545 Eighth Avenue, Partial 19th Floor: Bright, Loft Style Office Rental

Wall Street, Partial 17th Floor, Corner Space

Broadway, Partial 16th Floor

West 27th Street, Partial 11th Floor, Near Penn Station

West 27th Street, Entire 9th Floor

421 Seventh Avenue Partial 14th Floor

8 Gramercy Park South, Ground Floor Medical Space

160 Broadway Efficient Open Plan Office-Central HVAC, Budget Space

121 W. 27th Street Partial 6th floor

115 W 30th Street, Partial 3rd Floor, Loft Rental

231 West 29th Street, Partial 4th Floor Loft

Broadway, Partial 4th Floor, Bright Loft Office

303 Fifth Avenue, partial 18th floor

303 Fifth Ave.

West 27th Street, Partial 2nd Floor, 14′ Ceilings

28 W. 46th St.

50 West 21st St. Loft Space

851 Broadway Corner Office Rental

198 Park Avenue South Corner Office Space Rental

Class A Office Rental @ 121 East 42nd Street

273 Madison Avenue

27 Broadway Office Rental, Lower Manhattan

159 Broadway Class B Office Space Rental

203 Madison Avenue Class A Office Rental

314 Madison Ave, Class B Office Rental

273 Madison Avenue Built Out Office, Near Grand Central

151 Broadway, Law Firm Space Rental

Office Space at 13 Wall Street Downtown NYC

81 Broad St., Tech Space Office for Lease

216 W. 29th St. Office for Lease

873 Avenue of the Americas Office for Lease

West 37th Street, Hardwood Floors, Brick Walls

260-266 W. 36th Street: Modern Full Floor Office Loft

Rent a Full Floor Office in at East 45th Street

192 Lexington Ave, Below Market Lexington Avenue Office Sublease

535 West 24th Street Gallery/Office Space Rental

Small Efficient Office Rental at 215 Park Avenue South

Plug and Play tech office for lease at 241 West 30th St

270 Lafayette Street: Office Space in a Building with 1st Class Amenities

Commercial Office Rentals at 181 Varick Street

Flatiron Offices Rentals at 36 West 20th Street

Fantastic Third Avenue Office Rental with Full Terrace

19 West 21st Street Tech Loft

90 Broad Street Law Firm Space Rental

57th Street, Plaza District, 1,597 S.F. White Boxed Office Rental

West 38th Street, Near Port Authority, Marble Lobby, 2,300 SF

Fifth Avenue, Near 30th Street, 5,000 SF, Full Floor Office

East 41st Street, Contemporary Style Office Building, Value Space

90 Broad Street, FiDi Office Rental

1,949 SF Office Rental, Steps from Harvard Club

East 57th Street, Charming Loft Office with Exposed Ceilings

West 38th Street, 750SF, Small Office Rental, Hardwood Floors, Open Plan

307 West 38th St. Commercial Loft

262 W. 38th St. Small Office Rental

185 Madison Ave. Office Rental with 1 Conference Room

80 Maiden Lane Office Rental

30 Broad Street Corner Space Rental

545 Eighth Avenue office loft for lease

1,137SF Office Rental, Fifth Avenue, Near NY Public Library

247 West 35th Street

202 West 40th Street Open Plan Office

549 Eighth Avenue

Partial 5th Floor, 36th Street, Vicinity of Eighth Avenue

4 Private Offices, Efficient, West 36th Street Space

224 West 34th St. Class B Office Rental

East 42nd Street, Steps from Grand Central, Landmark, 4,866 SF Prebuilt Office

Furnished Sublet: 1271 Ave. of the Americas

Madison Avenue & In the Heart of Midtown

Lease a Prestigious 545 Fifth Avenue Office

110 East 42nd Street Plug & Play Small Office

915 Broadway, Full Floor Sublet

1560 Broadway, High End Small Creative Space

17 East 37th St. Bright Double Corner Built Office

90 Broad Street Executive Office Rental

Exceptional Grand Central Penthouse Loft Rental

50 West 57th Street, Plaza District 4,900 S.F., Full Floor Rental

Office/Loft Rental, West 38th Street, Garment District

West 34th Street Office/Showroom Rental

24 West 57 Street, Gallery, Showroom, Office Rental

Spring Street: Classic SoHo Loft, Exposed Brick Walls

Madison Avenue & 39th Street Office Rental

Broadway Loft Rental Near Madison Square Park

Handy Man Special-West 45th Street

228 E. 45th St.: Two bright, newly renovated private window offices

Madison Avenue, 42nd Street Office Rental

120 Broadway & Pine Street, Beautiful Prebuilt Offices

West 30th Street, Between Eighth & Ninth Avenues

Madison Avenue Office Space for Rent: 330 Madison Avenue Full Floor

299 Broadway, Office Rental

Graybar Building Office Rental

54 West 21st Street Flatiron Loft for Rent

Chanin Building 1,645 SF Office Rental, 122 E. 42nd Street

159 West 25th Street Flatiron Loft Space Rental

30 Broad Street Small Office Space Rental

121 West 27th St., Open Loft Space with New Wood Floors

214 W. 29 St. Chelsea Commercial Loft

381 Park Avenue South, Small Commercial Office Rental with Upgraded Lobby

NoMad, 1201 Broadway, Commercial Loft

430 W. 14th St., Meatpacking District Office Space

41-47 Elizabeth St., Chinatown Office Space

41-47 Elizabeth Street, Chinatown Office Rental

801 Second Avenue Office Space Rental

601 Lexington Avenue, Lease White Glove Hedge Fund Space

West 57th Street, Columbus Circle Class A Office Space

584 Broadway, SoHo, Midtown South Commercial Loft

584-590 Broadway Commercial Loft Space

590 Madison Avenue

1133 Broadway Office Rental

1123 Broadway-Classic Madison Square Loft Rentals

1123 Broadway

500 Fifth Avenue Offices for Lease, Heart of Midtown Manhattan

Fabulous Full Floor Office Rental at 370 Lexington Avenue

370 Lexington Avenue Build to Suit Opportunity

Fifth Avenue & 34th Street

1350 Ave. of the Americas

1674 Broadway, Office Intensive Space-Good for CPA or Attorney

1674 Broadway, Built Out Offices-Next Theater District, Times Square

1560 Broadway, Heart of Times Square-Built Out Offices

1140 Broadway

121 West 27th Street, Heart of Chelsea, Near FIT

121 West 27th St, Partial 2nd Floor-14′ Ceilings

Bright Full Floor Loft Space Near FIT & Penn Station

Professional Office or Medical Space in Prime Flatiron Building

Full 2nd Floor, Column Free Space-Accessory District

381 Park Ave. South, Open Loft Space Rental

Madison Avenue-East 37th Street

333 West 52nd Street, Theater District Office Rental

120 East 56th Street-Lexington & Park Avenues

14 Wall Street (Corner of Nassua)

152 Madison Avenue Office Space

Penn Station Office Space

Medical Friendly Madison Avenue Building-Desirable Space for Therapists

Murray Hill Full Floor Loft

72 Thompson Street Retail Space – Affordable Boutique

678 Broadway, Renovated Commercial Loft-13ft Ceilings.

330 West 38th Street Bright Commercial Loft

636 Broadway, Rare Small Office Space

636 Broadway Greenwich Village Office Loft

2nd Floor Office/Medical Space for lease at 124 East 40th Street

Lexington Avenue (43rd & 44th Street)

East 42nd Street-Park & Madison Ave

39th Street (Madison & Fifth Avenues)

East 43rd, Near UN & Grand Central Station

550 SF, Murray Hill. Fifth Avenue B Building. Near Empire State Building.

15 Maiden Lane, City Hall. Four windowed offices. Corner space.

520 Broadway, Classic SoHo Full Floor Loft Rental

SOHO Office Loft with 12 Foot Ceilings, Wood Floors

366 Fifth Avenue: Premier Manhattan Showroom Building

Times Square Sublease Space

419 Park Avenue South, Full Floor with Sweeping Manhattan Views

Flatiron Full Floor 5,150 SF Office Loft for Lease

White Glove Class A Building, Minutes from Grand Central

19 West 27th Street – Budget Loft Space

Midtown South Loft Space

316 East 53rd Street, Commercial Penthouse Office with Roof Deck

Lower Broadway Office Space Rental

73 Spring Street Loft Space Rental

Furnished 44 Wall Street Office Sublease

60 East 66th Street Small Office Space with Terrace-Off Madison Avenue

180 Varick Street, Commercial Office Loft

Bright 4th Floor Loft Space, 11′ Ceilings & Hardwood Floors

277 Broadway – Law or Accounting Firm Space

Gallery Space Rental Near Highline at 511 West 25th Street

370 Lexington Avenue Office Rental

Below Market Loft Space at 307 West 38th Street

Showroom space rental in Murray Hill

530 West 25th Street Open Plan Gallery Space

299 Broadway – High End Law Offices Rental

299 Broadway Small Open Space-Great Office for Lawyer, CPA

958 Madison Avenue Art Gallery Rental

11 East 26th, Madison Square Showroom Rental

Full Floor Identity for Rent-Near Penn Station

104 West 27th Street – Built Out Office/Loft

115 29th Street Bright Penthouse Commercial Loft Space

57th Street Art Gallery Space

Great 42 West 38th Street Office for Lease-3 Offices, Bullpen, Large Reception, North Views

19 West 21st Street Office Loft

99 Madison Avenue, Full Floor Identity – Gramercy Park

Grand Central, Madison Avenue, Two Offices & Bullpen

1140 Broadway Office Loft

40 Worth Street, Downtown Office Rental-New York Law School Vicinity

120 East 56th Street, Park Ave Office Rental

Financial District Sublease

Budget Commercial Loft Space in Murray Hill

Built Office Space with Manhattan Skyline Views

102 West 38th Street Commercial Loft Sublease

Bright Garment District Half Floor Office/Loft Space in for Lease

Office Space Near Grand Central-Skyline Views

678 Broadway, Greenwich Village Commercial Loft Space

Office Rental. Central Station & UN Vicinity. Competitive Rent.

Budget Theater District Office Space

A352 Seventh Avenue – Affordable Small Commercial Space Near Penn Station

90 Broad Street Built Office Space with Harbor Views

1501 Broadway Office Space

135 East 55th, Showroom, Office Space Rental

1841 Broadway Office Rental

215 Park Avenue South Commercial Loft Rental, Near Union Square

185 Varick, Hudson Square/Tribeca Commercial Loft

40 Wall Street Prebuilt Offices

780 Third Ave, Prebuilt Office, Grand Central-Bright

419 Park Ave South Office Loft Rental

149 Madison Ave Below Market Madison Avenue Offices

17 State Street Law Firm Space for Rent

Great Small Space-Heart of Murray Hill

15 Maiden Lane, Insurance District, Corner Office, Bright, Good for Law Firm

11 Broadway Office Rental – Hudson Views

Empire State Building Prebuilt Offices-Spectacular Views

401 Broadway, Tribeca Penthouse Loft Space-Entire 27th Floor

44 Greene Street Commercial Loft Space.

525 Broadway, SoHo Office Loft/Creative Space

44 Bond Street, Full Floor Greenwich Village Loft Space

1 Liberty Plaza – Harbor Views. Currently Raw Space. Workletter

Full Floor Loft Space-33rd Street, Off Fifth Avenue

42nd Street & Madison Avenue Office Space for Lease

Grand Central Office Space-12′ Ceiling, Skyline Views.

80 Broad Street Full Floor Identity, Open Views, Built Office Space

450 Seventh Ave Entire 43rd Tower Floor

1500 Broadway, Times Square Class A Office Space-New Prebuilt

729 Seventh Avenue, West Side Prebuilt Office Suite

67 Spring Street, SoHo Commercial Loft Rental-Wood Floors, Central A/C

New Prebuilt, 42nd Floor, Class A, 34th St, Near Penn Station

5 Hanover Square Prebuilt Office Space, Financial District

701 Seventh Avenue Budget Space. Views, Pantry, Private Bathroom

Bright Seventh Avenue Loft Space

Convenient to Grand Central, Port Authority & Penn Station

Broadway/Garment District Showroom Rental

Bright Creative Space-Proximity to Penn Station

Built Out Loft Space Near Penn Station

17 Battery Place South (Financial District) Office Sublease

75 Maiden Lane Below Market Sublet: Maiden Lane Office Space

22 West 20th Street Commercial Loft

Classic Soho Loft Space

32 East 11th Street, Greenwich Village Full Floor Loft Space for Lease

Below Market Sublease

87 Fifth Avenue Office Sublet, Gramercy Park-16th Street

11th Floor, 3,267 SF Loft, Near Penn Station

Chelsea Loft Rental 1,743 S.F Bright Open Plan

42 West 38th Street Lease Accessory District Offices

485 Madison Avenue Office, Medical or Dental Space for Lease

Seventh Avenue/Garment District Showroom Space

51-53 Hudson Street, Sunny Tribeca Loft-Perimeter Offices

226 Fifth Avenue, Full Floor, Boutique Fifth Avenue Building, Gramercy

303 5th Avenue – Low Loss Factor, Full Floor, Central Air & Wood Floors

315 Spring Street, Exposed Brick, Wood Floors, Beamed Ceilings

255 West 36th St: Bright Commercial Loft, Open Ceilings, Wood Floors

277 Broadway Elegant Office Rental

28th Street, Midtown South, Gramercy Park Penthouse Loft

Madison Avenue Executive Office Space Rental

37 West 14th Street, Budget Office Loft, Union Square, 1,600 S.F.

East 42nd Street NYC Office Rental-Perfect for Lawyer or CPA

Rent Office Space on a Full Floor Garment District Loft

Bright Corner Office-5th Avenue & 42nd Street

Theater District Office for Lease-Perfect for Entertainment Related Business

50 Broad Street Office Rental: Broad Street & Exchange Place

55 Fifth Avenue, High End Fifth Avenue Office Rental

1201 Broadway Office Rental in Classic Industrial Building

Bright Tribeca Office Rental On Worth Street

Murray Hill, Madison Avenue Commercial Office Space for Rent

Small Built Office for Rent Located on Park Avenue South

Office Loft 2450 SF | Chelsea 27 Street | Metro Manhattan

60 East 42nd Street Grand Central Sublease – Above Standard Build Out

520 Broadway Loft Space for Lease-Perfect Art Gallery Rental

Below Market Exchange Place Corner Office

1201 Broadway – NoMad Office Space, Spectacular Penthouse

Chelsea-NoMad Loft Space Rental-3,267 SF, Near Penn Station

Class A Office Rental, Proximity to Grand Central

Upscale Grand Central Commercial Property-Built Office Space

20 West 22nd Street, Rent Flatiron Commercial Loft

90 Eldridge Street, Lower East Side Store for Rent

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