300 Park Avenue, Colgate-Palmolive Building

350 Fifth Ave, The Empire State Building

Office Space at The Flatiron Building

850 Third Avenue, Western Publishing Building

853 Broadway

277 Park Avenue

500 Fifth Ave, Salmon Building

820 Second Avenue

1841 Broadway

90 John Street

584-590 Broadway

401 Broadway

32 Avenue of the Americas

192 Lexington Avenue

1 Park Avenue

14 Wall St, Bankers Trust Company Building

60 Hudson Street, 160 West Broadway

Fuller Building 57th Street

123 William Street

420 Lexington Avenue, The Graybar Building

1 Bryant Park, Bank of America Tower

160-170 Varick Street, 10 Hudson Square

1 Water Street, One New York Plaza

1271 Ave of the Americas, Time-Life Building

560 Broadway

61 Broadway

225 Park Avenue South

885 Third Avenue, Lipstick Building

495 Broadway, New Era Buildling

299 Broadway

71 West 23rd Street, Masonic Hall

Office Space at 275 Madison Avenue

805 Third Avenue, The Crystal Pavilion

230 Fifth Avenue

767 Fifth Ave, GM Building

230 Park Avenue, Helmsley Building

1 Wall Street, Bank of New York Building

524 Broadway

620 Avenue of the Americas

80 Pine Street

215 Park Avenue South

1350 Broadway, 977 Ave. of the Americas

3 Columbus Circle

780 Third Avenue

1221 Ave of the Americas, McGraw Hill Bldg

111 Eighth Avenue

40 Wall Street, Trump Building

405 Lexington Ave, The Chrysler Building

220 Vesey St, World Financial Center

26 Broadway, Standard Oil Building

7 World Trade Center

11 West 19th Street

116 John Street

590 Madison Avenue, IBM Building

270 Park Avenue, JP Morgan Chase

9 West 57th Street, Solow Building

1114 Avenue of the Americas, Grace Building

165 Broadway, One Liberty Plaza
15 Park Row Building

1114 Avenue of the Americas, Grace Building

712 Fifth Avenue

568-578 Broadway

295 Lafayette Street, Puck Building

171 Madison Avenue

1350 Avenue of the Americas, MGM Tower

395 Hudson Street

11 Madison Avenue, Met Life Tower

225 Broadway, Transportation Building

120 Broadway, Equitable Building

32 Old Slip, One Financial Square

100 Church Street

The Fred F. French Building, 551 Fifth Avenue

1412 Broadway

1065 Avenue of the Americas

555 Eighth Avenue

220 East 42nd Street, The News Building

50 West 23rd Street, Jewelcor Building

300 West 57th Street

161 Avenue of the Americas, Butterick Building

425 Lexington Avenue

75 Varick Street, 1 Hudson Square

305 East 47 Street

199 Water St, One Seaport Plaza

30 Rockefeller Plaza, GE Building

909 Third Avenue

156 West 56th Street

85 Broad Street

230 Park Avenue South

1410 Broadway

825 Eighth Avenue, 1 Worldwide Plaza

230 West 34th Street, One Penn Plaza

800 Second Avenue

111 John Street

100 William Street

1290 Avenue of the Americas

580 Broadway

40 Worth St., Merchants Square Building

233 Broadway, Woolworth Building

375 Park Avenue, The Seagram Building

4 New York Plaza

601 West 26th Street, The Starrett Lehigh Building

866 United Nations Plaza

1675 Broadway

366 Fifth Avenue

303 Fifth Avenue

28 West 44th Street, National Association Building

122 East 42nd Street, The Chanin Building

16 East 34th Street

114 Fifth Avenue

180 Madison Avenue

183 Madison Avenue

90 Park Avenue

275 Seventh Avenue

60 Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center

1211 Ave of the Americas, News Corp Bldg
300 East 42nd Street

270 Park Avenue, JP Morgan Chase

599 Broadway, SoHo International Arts Center

55 Fifth Avenue, Yeshiva University

601 Lexington Avenue, Citigroup Center

232 Madison Avenue

375 Pearl Street

250 West 57th Street

390 Park Ave, Lever House

352 Seventh Avenue

Metropolitan Life Tower

101 Park Avenue

481 Eighth Avenue, New Yorker Hotel

675-691 Sixth Avenue, Mattel Building

70 Pine St., American International Building

3 Park Avenue

75 Ninth Avenue, Chelsea Market

2 Grand Central Tower, 140 East 45th Street

330 West 42nd Street, Deco Tower

4 Times Square, Conde Nast Building

320 Park Avenue, Mutual of America Building

1177 Avenue of the Americas

750 Third Avenue, Grand Central Square Bldg

1585 Broadway, Morgan Stanley Building

928 Broadway

200 Park Avenue, MetLife Building

137 Varick Street

902 Broadway

770 Broadway

110 William Street

200 Fifth Avenue, The International Toy Center

1633 Broadway, Paramount Plaza

75 Park Place

51 Madison Ave, New York Life Building

625 Broadway

113-133 West 18th Street

787 Seventh Ave, AXA Equitable Center

347 Fifth Avenue

65 Bleecker Street, The Bayard-Condict Building

140 Broadway, Marine Midland Building

125 Broad Street, Two New York Plaza

725 Fifth Avenue, Trump Tower

1790 Broadway

100 Park Avenue

450 West 15th Street, New Media & Art Center

11 West 42 Street, Times Square

60 East 42nd Street, 1 Grand Central Place

1407 Broadway

55 Water Street

200 Park Avenue South, Everett Building

28 West 23rd Street

200 West Street, Goldman Sachs HQ

110 West 40th Street

115 Fifth Avenue

570 Lexington Avenue, The General Electric Building

3 Times Square, Reuters Building

1230 Ave of the Americas

Find your next office with Metro Manhattan!

Alan set us up in a much better space for less than we had been paying.

By far my most pleasant experience with a broker in searching for an office space. Alan listened to our requirements without judgement, and found us what we needed, where we needed it, and at the price point we wanted. Very responsive to emails and quick turnaround time on all matters. Would give more stars if I could!

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Robert Certilman

It is been such a pleasure dealing with Alan from Metro Manhattan Office Space. He is upfront and honest and tries to find the right space to fit our needs. He was very successful in placing us in a building in New York City that was within our budget.

Thank you Alan and staff for your dedication to the success of my business

Andrew DiSimone

Love this guy! Called him on a Friday, from the train going home. He answered to phone himself and we spoke for over 30 minutes! That’s Great Customer Service! It took only two meetings with him to find a great new space. I was highly impressed with his knowledge, insight to my market.
Highly recommend him!